HR Tech 2023 in Las Vegas:
Unlock potential and optimize your HR tech stack

The annual HR Technology Conference & Expo is an internationally recognized conference that has helped thousands of HR teams drive business success through hiring technology by showcasing the NEW tools, NEW strategies, and NEW processes needed to run successful HR operations.

This year, HireVue acquired Modern Hire, and we’re ready to unlock human potential with the latest in combined innovation and tech. Stop by booth #2716 to learn how HireVue can help optimize your HR tech stack and unlock your full hiring potential. Learn how we:

  • Connect talent to opportunity with Structured Video Interviewing, Skills Assessments, and more
  • Use AI technology to elevate your hiring
  • Scientifically measure job relevant skills

HireVue mobile interview assessments

Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement with text automation takes the burden of having to manually follow up with hundreds of candidates off your plate. You’ve secured a great hire, so keep them engaged! Or risk a day 1 no-show or worse—they accept another offer.


Keep candidates from ghosting you before their first day with automated text reminders, creating a solid feedback loop. And the best part? Send them from the platform—not your personal phone.


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Unlocking Opportunity

Give candidates a personal recruiter 24/7.


Based on their experience, skills and interests, job seekers easily get matched to opportunities throughout your organization.


The power of more. MORE options mean candidates see MORE opportunities making them MORE likely to apply with your organization.


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Assessments for all roles

Assess talent quickly, effectively, fairly. HireVue’s assessments give hiring teams the confidence to select the right talent for their organization. With a complete library available – including game-based, interviews and Virtual Job Tryouts – HireVue offers an assessment for every job, in any industry.


Keep your candidate experience seamless and engaging. Automatically reach out to every applicant within minutes of applying and invite them to complete your assessment. Candidates complete an engaging, convenient assessment that empowers them to showcase their best skills, abilities and talents.


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Discover the Future of Hiring

Experience firsthand how HireVue can transform your hiring process.

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We won’t go back to traditional hiring because now we’ve seen all that virtual hiring has to offer.

Brenna GarbelmanTalent Acquisition Operations Manager, CenturyLink