Introduce Job Matching Automation to Your Candidates

Match your candidates with the right job—even if they aren't quite sure what it is

Job Matching Automation allows candidates to search via skillset

While candidates may be searching for specific roles, there could be other options they fit—options they may not even know exist. Incorporate a chatbot that can “think”outside the box of just showing one role. Scale your hiring by matching candidates with roles by skillset and provide them with all the options.

Match via skills—not role titles

Candidates frequently don’t know what role they’re looking for, and that’s okay! With Job Matching Automation, candidates type in a position of interest and even upload their resume. We’ll then compares the job across all jobs and job descriptions in our library to determine similar jobs based on skills, tasks, or even work activities. Our solutions review customer specific job requisitions and then display job recommendations to the candidates using Job Matching Automation. It’s easier, faster, and enhances your candidate experience.

Supercharge step 1 in your hiring process

Because candidates can easily find the jobs that match their skillset, hiring teams see faster time-to-hire, an increased number of applicants in the funnel, and decreased drop-out. Automating your workflows with texting and chatbots enhances the experience for everyone, allowing TA teams to ensure their entire hiring process is starting off on a strong foot.

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