Hire for potential with AI-powered recruitment automation

HireVue's text-powered recruitment automation reaches out to every candidate within hours of applying and guides them through every stage of the hiring process, so you can hire top talent quickly.

  • SMS Text, WhatsApp, email, and web chat powered by conversational AI
  • Eliminate the blackhole by prescreening every applicant
  • Candidate interview self-scheduling
  • Chat-powered ATS workflow automation
  • Dedicated support
  • Analytics and reports

Engage applicants faster, hire faster

Companies that hire the fastest win the race for talent. HireVue’s conversational AI hiring assistant ensures you don’t lose a single qualified candidate to the dreaded applicant and email blackholes. We’ll keep your candidates engaged with text-based prescreening and scheduling while also automating your ATS workflows. No more calendar Tetris, chasing candidates, or manual ATS updates. Post. Interview. Hire. It’s that simple.


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G4S speeds up candidate flow through chat-based recruiting automation

G4S is a British multi-national private security company. They wanted to speed up candidate flow, deliver a simple and engaging candidate experience, and reduce time to interview.

G4S chose HireVue for its intelligent, conversation-first platform and easy integration with their ATS. Creating a fast and engaging experience allowed them to reduce sourcing costs and increase the volume of quality candidates moving through the funnel.

Review Background
“The reduction in sourcing cost given increased applicant flow more than pays off for the product. [HireVue] has also fully integrated with our ATS, making it easy for hiring teams to reap benefits without changing process.”
Carlos Vega, Senior Director of Recruitment Technology, G4S