Campus hiring: Assess campus skills—not resumes


Start hiring the top graduate talent even when the resumes look similar.


Don’t ghost your candidates

Consistent engagement is crucial, especially when the campus recruiting cycle can span over 1.5 school years. Ensure you are consistently (and effortlessly) engaging your candidates and new hires. Our text-powered solutions automatically send interview reminders or even onboarding information before their start date.

Review Background
“In previous years, students needed to wait in line for hours to get a chance for a 5 minute interview. Now, we bring iPads to Career Fairs, students simply need to answer 2-3 general questions, and we follow up with relevant job opportunities. With HireVue, we can consider every interested student, not just those who get in line first.”
Queenie Tsang, Assistant Employer Branding and Talent Community Manager, Cathay Pacific

Expand your reach beyond just the campuses you visit

Incorporate mobile-friendly, text-powered solutions that expand your recruiting reach. Campus talent is accustomed technology and has adapted to virtual school—and they expect flexible, virtual hiring as well. On-demand interviews allow students to put their best foot forward at a time that works for them—which may be after a full day of school, class, or work.

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