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Amazon drives hiring innovation and experience with HireVue

Amazon is undoubtedly the global mega-brand of our time. A company built on data, innovation, speed and efficiency, it has redefined the cultural and commercial landscape and now spans e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Hiring the right people is key to Amazon’s success. The Hire Ahead Recruitment Team (HART) at Amazon sources apprenticeship, internship, graduate, MBA and military talent up to twelve months in advance of when they start. If a candidate is on a dual study program, engagement with the company can begin four years in advance.

A Different Hiring Landscape

Events such as COVID have changed consumer behavior forever. With more people now placing home deliveries and expecting a same day service, Amazon experienced a surge in hiring needs. With hiring volumes ranging from 6,000 – 10,000 per year, the HART needed to be able to quickly flex and scale in-line with changing trends and business needs. 

Amazon previously relied on face to face interactions with students, but due to the pandemic, they needed to rapidly become experts at creating engaging virtual events and a digitized hiring process. 

Responding To Gen Z

“Early years talent is no longer necessarily interested in dialing into another call to hear another career conversation, they want to know how they’re going to make an impact on the world, and they want opportunities to scale their career and learn in a progressive and diverse environment. We’re seeing companies secure the best talent that historically didn’t necessarily have the brand power to compete. Suddenly, Gen Z are choosing the companies that are driving change, and they’re not going to accept lip service or some average Corporate Social Responsibility piece – they want to see it in action.”

Chelsea Budaca-Bain,

EMEA Head of Campus & Military Talent Acquisition at Amazon

Working for an organization that expands faster than the diverse talent available to it in some countries, means that Amazon’s recruitment teams are constantly having to innovate in order to deliver real workforce change and strong diversity outcomes.

Equity For All

Amazon ran a pilot in 2021 to assess the impact of removing resume’s from the final interview process for university hiring. They found that 81% of interviewers found the experience very positive, with 78.8% noting it improved their interviewing skills as they now needed to actively listen to a candidate. Amazon University hiring now plans to scale the removal of resume’s from the final stage of the recruitment process across EMEA. 

Changes such as this have enabled Amazon to expand the universities that they reach out to, removing any sort of bias of one university being better than another. The process is the same for all and access is the same for all.

Personalization At Scale

As Amazon expanded into new markets and new areas of hiring, the scalability of their processes and interactions with students needed to change. Reaching more people, more quickly, and in a more meaningful and personalized way was a key driver of that change. This is where they turned to HireVue to help them start reimagining what a modern candidate journey should look like.

“The growth in the virtual world in recent years has really helped us to drive scalability further and connect with people who previously might not have wanted to interact in this way. We need to be adaptable and always think about what we can do better, even if it runs really well, I think that’s what keeps us ahead of the curve more than anything else. We’re in a position where a lot of our candidates are being sought after by multiple organizations at the same time. When there’s a negative response to any of our hiring processes a lack of speed is often referenced as one of the top frustrations, so speed in itself is something that drives the candidates experience and which we really focus on. Those organizations that can move the fastest will have longer to engage with a candidate while they’re making a decision.”

Laura Juan Arroyo,

Senior Program Manager, EMEA University

Using HireVue, Amazon shares prep videos with candidates where recruiters let them know how to interact with the virtual process and the purpose of the solution. They let them know there is a real person on the other end of a HireVue OnDemand video interview. For example, that someone is going to be viewing every single thing that is said and evaluating it on merit, as if they were live with a candidate in the moment, and what the benefit is to Amazon and to the candidate of this scaled, digital process. They highlight that it’s flexible and that you can take it anytime and when you feel prepared. They also highlight that they can review and get back to the candidate in a much faster way than a traditional interview.

“I think it’s really important that candidates have a choice, they have the option to have a phone interview with a recruiter in place of having a HireVue video evaluation, but most of our candidates choose not to have a phone interview because of all the benefits of the digital process. So it’s about choice, it’s also about giving them power in the hiring process and not just being carried away by the hiring process. It’s adding a level of personalization to the process instead of to the individual candidates that allows us to scale and move at speed, without sacrificing the experience.”

Laura Juan Arroyo,

Senior Program Manager, EMEA University

The Business Case For Change

Amazon found that time given back to the recruiter was an important benefit from using HireVue. It previously took them 2.2 attempts to book an interview using emails, often with a rebook requirement. By using HireVue, 43% of the time taken for traditional interviewing was reduced through automation and efficiency. This increased flexibility for the candidate too, and created additional time for the recruiter to review the OnDemand HireVue interviews.

The Amazon EMEA Graduate Hiring Team can now screen 250 – 300% more candidates using HireVue versus traditional phone screens, although phone screens are still offered. There is increased hiring manager satisfaction with the quality of candidates being presented due to more robust screening, as well as 70 minutes saved per candidate in scheduling time (as reported by Amazon business analytics team). 

The EMEA Operations Non-technical Hiring Team replaced a recruiter phone screen with a HireVue OnDemand interview to reduce manual work and eliminate time spent scheduling screens – saving 68,124 hours on 58,392 interviews in 2021. This is a 48% YOY saving increase compared to 2020.

Using HireVue also reduces the recruiter time spent conducting screens by 43%. A study by The EMEA Operations Non-technical Hiring Team reported 30 minutes to complete a traditional phone screen versus 17 minutes to review a completed HireVue OnDemand interview. Based on 13 minutes saved per interview, HireVue returned 7,704 hours of recruiter time to the team across 35k+ completed interviews in 2021. 

With 83% candidate satisfaction across EMEA Ops Interviews in 2021 and 86.8% for EU University Programs, it’s clear that recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates are now all benefiting from an enhanced recruitment experience.

The Future – The Amazon Way

“Next for us, that I can talk about anyway, is exploring how we can engage candidates on their channel of choice, such as text. A strong digital offering also enables us to offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of interacting with candidates. We really want to shake up the meaning of diversity in EMEA too. We have military relations with most of the countries that we’re based in to support veterans who are exiting service. We are working in partnership with PWD (people with disabilities) and making adjustments to the layout of our sites, and leadership training, to ensure all roles are fully inclusive. We make sure that we are putting the right things in place at the right time and inspecting the impact along the way – and the data is telling us that we are doing well so far.”

Chelsea Budaca-Bain,

EMEA Head of Campus & Military Talent Acquisition at Amazon

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