Optimize Your HireVue Tech Stack

Our acquisition of ModernHire marks a new era in hiring that offers unparalleled insight into skills and potential. Optimizing is more than thinking about one part of your hiring process—it's taking a holistic look at the entire process. Learn more about how to better optimize your current solutions to increase your ROI.

  • 50% faster time-to-hire
  • 4 hours saved per recruiter per day
  • 50% decreased cost-per-interview

Increase your ROI in a fluctuating landscape.

Hiring frequently faces ebbs and flows that keep recruiters busy—from hiring surges to lay-offs to consistent uncertainty, teams are forced to do more with fewer resources. When a bad hire costs 30% of the offer salary, teams have to ensure they are making smart hiring decisions that impact the team and bottom line. HireVue solutions are built to tackle your specific challenges—no matter how big or small. Learn how Structured Interviewing, Assessments, and Text Invites and Reminders are the key to saving your time and money.


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Automate. Integrate. Engage. Optimize your HR tech stack.

Recruiters, we get it. There is a lot of tech clutter out there when it comes to optimizing your solutions. At HireVue, we believe it’s important to think through your entire hiring process—not just grasping for the latest and greatest tech solution. Read our HR Tech Guide and learn about the questions you should ask and the features you should be looking for. Learn how to better:

  • Automate your painpoints
  • Integrate your ATS
  • Engage 4x more candidates 5x faster


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Virtual Job Tryout.

Start building a workforce that will last through tomorrow’s challenges. The Virtual Job Tryout® is a text-based interview assessment tool that quickly measures competencies and likelihood to stay on the job—helping teams predict fit faster and minimize turnover. Through a series of simulated tasks and job-relevant exercises, teams can start making decisions backed by science, measuring job-relevant competencies proven to be crucial for new hire success in a role.

Create positive candidate experiences by supporting decisions with data (not resumes) and evaluating the skills needed for tomorrow’s success.

Connecting talent to opportunity has never been more important, and with the combined capabilities of HireVue and Modern Hire, expect the best of:

Video interviewing

AI driven assessments

Traditional assessments

Virtual job tryouts

Scheduling automation

Conversational AI and text-based candidate engagement

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Our completion is 85%, which is actually higher than our old process, and we’re able to process a much higher number of applications. But most importantly it’s about maintaining the quality of the candidate experience – and we’ve been able to improve that too, which currently sits at 93%.

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