Confidently test and hire faster without sacrificing quality

Games, technical and interview employment testing uncovers candidates abilities by using rigorous science.

Quickly combine any assessment or test into one simple candidate friendly step so candidates can interview anytime, anywhere. Make getting to know candidates easier–for them.

  • Decrease time to hire by collapsing multiple hiring stages into one unified experience
  • Create an automated, unified and fun experience to keep top candidates engaged
  • Scientifically measure job relevant skills and really understand candidates in less than 20 minutes
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HireVue interviews model

Scientifically proven, better for everyone

HireVue pioneered the ethical use of AI in hiring by combining IO Psychology best practices and Data Science.

Rigorous science makes it better for everyone. 

  • Rely on our  team of expert IO Psychologists to identify the critical competencies for each role.
  • Measure a variety of soft and technical skills accurately and objectively.
  • AI-driven, scientifically validated employment testing means the most comprehensive and accurate view of a candidate’s ability to be successful.


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Assess more talent faster by reaching candidates where they are

By standardizing the interview process at scale with video, game-based and coding pre-employment assessments, you can evaluate what truly matters.

  • Make hiring decisions based on understanding what it will take to succeed in a role today and tomorrow.
  • Test skills faster, save money, and increase recruiter productivity.
  • ‍Screen 4x applicants through a variety of assessment options in one single experience.
  • Nurture your top candidates automatically, 24/7.
  • Accelerate and scale hiring by integrating seamlessly into your ATS.


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Start hiring faster and fairer without sacrificing quality

HireVue has delivered over 30 million interviews to help identify which candidates would be the best fit for a specific job.

  • HireVue assessments measure traits and competencies associated with performance in four key areas: working with people, personality and work style, working with information, and technical skills.
  • HireVue’s competency library includes over 34 competencies that are measured through innovative assessment tools.
  • HireVue supports global hiring with games in over 35 languages, prioritize high potential candidates and accelerate the hiring process across the world.

Build a faster, fairer, friendlier hiring process with HireVue’s HireVue’s Assessments.


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HireVue helps drive results


We won’t go back to traditional hiring because now we’ve seen all that virtual hiring has to offer.

Brenna GarbelmanTalent Acquisition Operations Manager, CenturyLink