On-Demand Webinar: Agile Mindset Assessment

HireVue Webinars

HireVue has launched a first of its kind solution. The Agile Mindset Assessment empowers teams to start building their workforce for the future with valuable insight into how candidates would react to future change in their organization.

HireVue’s Dina Taylor, Chief Evangelist, and Nathan Mondragon, Chief IO Psychologist, recently discussed how the quick assessment provides data into 4 key types of agility—people, mental, results, and change.

Watch now and start hiring not only for today’s workforce—but tomorrow’s.


  • Dina Taylor – SVP, Global Sales Strategy & Solutions, HireVue
  • Nathan Mondragon – Chief IO Psychologist, HireVue

Icon headshot of Dina Taylor Icon headshot of Nathan Mondragon