Create structure to maximize interview fairness at scale

HireVue live and on-demand video interviewing software powers a more convenient and scalable process for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Recruiters and hiring teams can consistently evaluate recorded video interviews, see more candidates in less time, decrease interview bias, improve diversity, and make great hires faster.

Video Interviews:

  • Automate the hiring process, which allows hiring organizations to reach more candidates and make hires faster
  • Enable better hiring by consistently evaluating candidates on their abilities and potential, beyond bullet points on a resume
  • Allow for a fair and objective evaluation of every candidate, which decreases bias and improves diversity of hires
  • Provide a better candidate experience with more flexibility and less friction
  • Increase collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers
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Benefits of creating OnDemand video interviews vs. traditional interviews:

For candidates:

  • Ultimate flexibility and convenience
  • Take the interview at whatever time is convenient for you
  • Take the interview from wherever is convenient for you
  • Easy to complete from your phone or laptop without needing to download an app

For hiring teams:

  • Save time and reach more candidates
  • Ability to share the candidates easily and quickly with hiring managers
  • Enables recruiters and hiring managers to review candidates when it is convenient for them
  • Easily review more candidates in less time than you could with traditional live interviews
  • Move candidates through the interview process a lot faster without having to find common times in schedules

OnDemand interviews

provide a way to evaluate candidates, provide feedback, and share interview recordings with the rest of the hiring team. Candidates can interview anytime anywhere eliminating the need to travel or interview in-person.

Live video interviews

provide a virtual format for later stage interactions for 1:1, panel, or sequential interview formats. Ratings and interview notes within the interview experience provide a simple way to share feedback for the candidate.

Shareable interview links

allow for a simple way to open the aperture and amplify positions in social formats or for evergreen positions.

Position templates

allow teams to easily create a standard set of questions and evaluation criteria that can be shared consistently across regions or business units.

Analytics and dashboards

give you insight into interview funnel metrics, dashboards with flexible filtering options, candidate experience metrics, and real-time data exports

HireVue helps drive results


We won’t go back to traditional hiring because now we’ve seen all that virtual hiring has to offer.

Brenna GarbelmanTalent Acquisition Operations Manager, CenturyLink