How to hire efficiently with hiring solutions

February 28th, 2023
HireVue Team
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One end-to-end technology: how to hire efficiently with hiring solutions

We seem to say this a lot, but it still rings true—recruiters face a lot of uncertainty and a whole lot of change

From the Great Resignation to the Great Regret to fears of recession to the Great Renege, upheaval is the norm for hiring teams. We began the year with headlines of lay-offs from many tech and finance companies and even a recent January report found 517,000 jobs added and historic unemployment rates.

 As a result, many questions are circulating in the HR world:

  • How can you do more with less?
  • How can you hire quickly and efficiently? 
  • How do we prepare for future company changes when we don’t even know what they’ll be yet?

So what’s the answer? How do teams ensure they’re making smart decisions and choosing good hires with maybe fewer resources, a lot of uncertainty, and what sometimes feels like a never-ending race for talent? 

HireVue hiring solutions allows teams to meet all their hiring needs—whether it’s hourly, professional, campus, or even technical. 

An all-in-one solution to take you from “hi” to “hired”

Hiring has to be quick and efficient, no matter the type of role for which you’re hiring. Automation is the key to consistent engagement and quick offers—all while giving recruiters and candidates time back and flexibility.

But how does one solution do it all

As an example, let’s follow a professional candidate through the end-to-end hiring process with HireVue:

  1. A candidate scans an “Apply here” barcode she sees while at a coworking space.
  2. By engaging with the chatbot, she learns what roles are available and by answering a few simple questions, she is pre-screened for the role.
  3.  The chatbot then invites her to record an OnDemand interview and complete an assessment— sending invites and reminders to complete it. She’s more comfortable knowing she can complete it that night after she finishes work.
  4. The recruiter is alerted he has interviews to view and receives a stacked ranking of his candidates. 
  5. Upon completion of her OnDemand and assessment, the candidate receives a text to self-schedule a live interview with the hiring manager—which then syncs with the organization’s calendar system (all the manager has to do is show up!).
  6. Before the interview, the hiring manager builds a template of the key skills and competencies for the role—creating a fair, structured interview.
  7. After the live interview, the candidate receives a text with an offer.
  8. What used to take weeks, can now be done in half the time.

By eliminating lengthy phone screens, scheduling nightmares, and unstructured interviews, hiring teams can start making smarter, fairer hiring decisions faster.

Our hiring solutions are more than just video interviewing—it’s an all-in-one solution that also incorporates automation, AI, and direct messaging into the hiring process. It gives back time to recruiters because instead of manually reading hundreds of resumes (which don’t predict success), they can review a stack-ranking of candidates who have all been evaluated consistently.

In uncertain economic times, recruiters have to be able to act quickly without losing efficiency. Great Southern Bank incorporated HireVue video interviewing and assessments and saw:

  • 43% faster time-to-hire
  • 60% less time screening applicants
  • 87% candidate satisfaction score 

Helen Brady, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Great Southern Bank, says: 

Since going live with HireVue in June 2020 across our business, our average time-to-hire has reduced from over 40 days to 23 days. This achievement is even more impressive given we filled double the number of roles than the previous year. Without HireVue as a platform we simply would not have been able to handle the role volume that we experienced after Covid. The reduction in our time-to-hire has allowed us to remain competitive in a very tight job market. We have also seen a large reduction in the time that the Talent Acquisition team spends screening candidates. With the use of HireVue we have been able to create an almost 60% reduction in the time spent screening candidates across Sales and Corporate roles, whilst maintaining a strong candidate satisfaction score throughout the process.” 

And when Randstad staffing needed a way to re-engage their passive candidate pool, they turned to HireVue direct messaging which allowed them to send both 1:1 and campaign SMS messages from the platform (not their personal phones). As a result, they saw:

  • 1.6M profiles contacted
  • 96% of conversations completed
  • 63% (12,500) of conversations resulted in uncovering new job seekers

Watch below and learn more about how HireVue is your one solution for all your hiring needs.


Combating the challenges of change—with science.

We know uncertainty is the norm when it comes to recruiting—and we also know we can’t always predict when organizations are going to enact major changes. But building workforces that will last through tomorrow’s adjustments is becoming a necessary part of hiring strategy. 

HireVue’s Agile Mindset Assessment is a first-of-its-kind assessment that allows you to find talent that can stay flexible during economic turbulence. The market is already experiencing disruption, fierce competition, and uncertainty, and an assessment that measures mental agility is critical for any team.  

It’s more important than ever to be prepared and find talent who can navigate complex situations, explore novel solutions, and help teams through challenging situations. HireVue’s Agility Mindset Assessment gives organizations a robust understanding of a candidate’s and internal talent’s ability to adapt in a short, rapid assessment.  

Start building your company’s agility muscle today and be more confident and ready to navigate tomorrow’s challenges.