Hiring terms for recruiters to know in 2023

February 23rd, 2023
HireVue Team
hiring terms for recruiters

Amidst economic forecasts, lay-off news, and just the general uncertainty that comes with hiring, we have one piece of advice for hiring teams before tackling 2023—take a deep breath.

We hear you. Hiring is hard, but with the right expectations and knowledge, making smart hiring decisions in 2023 doesn’t have to feel impossible. 

Below are 5 hiring terms and strategies to add to your hiring toolkit this year.

Skill evaluation.

At the end of the day, resumes can be pretty one-dimensional—unable to provide a holistic evaluation of a candidate. They can tell you where candidates went to school, where they currently live, and job titles—none of which are predictors of success.

Evaluating a candidate’s skill is a better predictor of success. According to Josh Bersin’s HR Predictions for 2023, skill is defined as “the granular areas of expertise that people need to perform well.” 

But why do skills matter? Well, as technology and industries adapt and advance, so must the skills needed to be successful—and degrees don’t reflect this.

At HireVue, our solutions are designed to provide hiring teams with the data needed to identify and evaluate the skills and competencies needed for specific roles. After a quick and engaging candidate experience, hiring teams can easily prioritize candidates based on their potential and work style.

Take the guesswork out of reviewing resumes, and start evaluating the skills needed for success.

Agility measurement.

Okay, so we know hiring teams are all too familiar with the word change—you’ve seen a lot of it in recent years.

And organizations frequently face the same uncertainty—how will they adapt to economic adjustments, hiring lulls, or surges? 

The answer? An agile workforce.

By measuring 4 key types of agility, HireVue’s Agile Mindset Assessment measures a candidate’s ability to adjust to different types of change.

  • Mental Agility: Are your candidates comfortable with complexity?
  • Results Agility: Do they drive results in new or novel situations?
  • People Agility: Do they read people and interact well with new people and tough situations?
  • Change Agility: Do they experiment and deal well with change?

Hire candidates who react well to change. Strengthen your organization’s agility muscle and start building your future workforce today

“Quiet hiring” and internal mobility

Many corporations are making headlines with job cuts and lay-offs which poses a new problem for hiring teams as they look to fill gaps. 

However, it’s important to remember your current workforce is a powerful candidate pool. According to Gartner, “Smart organizations will increasingly look internally to find those skills — not to exploit employees, but to make sure the organization is using the limited talent it has where it can have the biggest impact. This means strategically assessing the talent you have available within an organization and making trade-offs on where talent is most needed, and where the organization can afford to slow down work or reduce headcount.”

In line with Gartner’s research, ABC News shares that “the important distinction with quiet hiring is that a company is openly communicating with employees about its priorities and temporarily moving employees to areas that serve those priorities, versus just loading employees with more work instead of hiring more people.”

The Agile Mindset Assessment is a powerful tool for helping to decide which internal candidates should be hired for more advanced roles—but keep in mind, perhaps the candidates who have been primed for a role may be better for the role they currently serve.

By measuring those 4 types of change, the assessment is a data-powered tool that can easily show who should be prioritized for a role—serving the best interest of the company, team, and individual. 

Structured Interviews

There’s no way around it—your hiring needs to be fair

Part of providing a fair hiring process means ensuring every candidate has the same experience. Relying on gut instinct unfortunately can be flawed with unconscious bias.

Eliminate the ambiguity and rely on structured interviews.

In listing its 2023 hiring trends Forbes adds that “According to a 2022 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, structured interviews “emerged as the top-ranked selection procedure” and demonstrated much more predictive power than unstructured interviews.”

HireVue Builder is an interview automation tool that builds job-related competencies and structured interview questions, templates, and evaluation guides that ensure all candidates are evaluated consistently. 

Stack-ranked evaluations easily show hiring teams who should move on in the process—taking the guesswork out of interviewing and mitigating bias in the process. 

Integrate your hiring tech stack.

We say this all the time—automation is the key to faster, fairer, more flexible hiring. Incorporating technology built for hiring makes your life and candidates’ lives so much easier.

Bersin continues in his report that “In 2023, we are going to see something new: an emergence of a new integrated “skills-powered talent platform.” Companies will have multiple “intellignce systems” that create, infer, or store skills, and we as companies want this to come together into an integrated place.”

HireVue is a talent experience platform designed to automate workflows and make scaling hiring easier—and we know the importance of working all in one platform. Our solutions integrate with a wide variety of best-in-class partners and have even been customized for company-specific platforms creating one, synergistic platform for all your hiring needs.

Ready to tackle hiring in 2023 with a toolkit full of strategy? Request a demo now.