Campus recruiting trend: Evaluating skills over resumes

January 23rd, 2023

Campus recruiting owns its own unique set of challenges compared to other types of recruiting. Recruiters are frequently faced with similar resumes and are limited by a candidate pool from only campuses physically visited.

But for those recruiting teams who want to expand their talent pool, seamlessly engage with all their candidates, and evaluate the right skills (not resumes), campus recruiting technology is the answer.

This year’s campus trends are leaning into skill evaluation and virtual interviewing, and for those companies with clearly defined graduate recruiting programs, technology built for campus hiring makes hiring easier, faster, and fairer. 

Why evaluate skills?

Campus resumes frequently look the same, making it virtually impossible to find the actual top talent. HireVue’s top campus customers are turning to game-based assessments as a way to address the skills needed for a position—because skills are a more likely prediction of success than resumes. 

  • In 2022, over 50% of HireVue’s campus recruiting customers turned to game-based assessments to accurately evaluate the skills that predict success. 

Game-based assessments are psychometrics tests that are useful during the pre-hire process (not to mention powerful resources for internal mobility and leadership potential). After a quick and engaging candidate experience, teams can then easily prioritize the top talent with science-backed data—based on the skills that matter.

Resumes don’t predict success and are frequent methods of unfair assessment. Basing hiring decisions on factors like alma mater and location does not provide a fair hiring experience for everyone. Instead, skill evaluation ensures every candidate is evaluated equally, supports DEI goals, and mitigates unconscious bias in the hiring process. 

Expand your reach.

Video interviewing is the easiest way for campus recruiters to expand their candidate pool beyond the campuses they visit. 

  • In 2022, campus candidates completed HireVue video interviews across 222 countries and over 58,000 cities—43% outside the United States.

Campus teams who use virtual interviews can consider more students from more schools—without adding more resources. Offering candidates the flexibility to complete on-demand interviews when convenient for them allows them to put their best foot forward which may be after class or work and not during typical 9-5 hours. An added bonus? Hiring teams can review interviews at any time, anywhere

Establish a clear graduate recruiting program.

Companies and industries with clear early talent recruiting programs are going to excel at finding the top talent quickly.

  • In 2022, a third of HireVue campus customers were in finance and banking.

The finance industry has historically had early campus programs in place, so they can not only build internship programs but create reliable candidate pools. By incorporating a convenient, digital-first experience, these institutions can compete with tech firms for talent, seamlessly schedule interviews, and make their hiring fairer.

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