Expanding campus recruiting beyond campus visits 

November 16th, 2022

Campus recruiting teams face challenges unique to hiring early talent. When resumes frequently look similar and outdated hiring methods restrict your pool to only campuses you visit, how do you ensure you’re hiring the top talent out there?

Incorporating the right technology into your hiring toolkit can empower teams to scale their hiring and reach beyond just the campuses they visit. 

Expand your reach with on-demand interviewing.

The benefits of incorporating on-demand interviewing are vast. Not only does it widen your talent pool but it improves diversity. Allow all students to take interviews from any device at any time and from anywhere. As a result, you’re not only opening your pool to those who may not be available during typical 9-5 hours but you’re showing candidates you value and respect their time. 

Airline Cathay Pacific has saved time by replacing their initial phone screen with an on-demand video interview for candidates to complete on their own time. Once recruiters review the interviews, those who have passed are invited for the final round assessment. Not only has their no-show rate dropped by 30% but they have reduced their hiring time from 3 months to 2-3 weeks. 

Rethink how you approach job fairs.

For those teams heading to career fairs, incorporating on-demand interviewing can help you make better use of your time. Ask candidates to complete virtual interviews before the event, and then prioritize what candidates you want to meet in person. 

Cathay-Pacific has even incorporated HireVue technology to create a more streamlined system for those who are at events.

“In previous years, students needed to wait in line for hours to get a chance for a 5 minute interview. Now, we bring iPads to Career Fairs, students simply need to answer 2-3 general questions, and we follow up with relevant job opportunities. With HireVue, we can consider every interested student, not just those who get in line first.” Queenie Tsang, Assistant Employer Branding and Talent Community Manager

Structure interviews to easily select top talent.

For many early talent hiring teams, resumes can look the same. So how do you ensure you not only select top talent but easily find them?

Structured interviews help ensure all your candidates are evaluated equally, so then the results provide fair insight into the top talent. Add job-related competencies and start assessing skills—not resumes. Templates and evaluation guides for any job role provide insight into the potential of your top talent, so you can take the guesswork out of hiring. 

Keep the human touch in the high-tech approach

A frequent misconception associated with a high-tech hiring approach is that it eliminates human interaction. HireVue technology is the best of both worlds. Instead of spending human hours scheduling and reviewing resumes, our technology frees up recruiter time to not only spend more time on hiring strategy but also on building relationships.

One HireVue customer has used campus solutions to do just that. Before HireVue it took 2.2 attempts to book an interview using emails, often with a rebooking requirement. However, with Hirevue, 43% of the traditional interviewing time was reduced through automation and efficiency. Now, instead of wasting time scheduling, these recruiters can spend that time reviewing OnDemand interviews. 

With HireVue, their campus recruiters have seen:

  • 68,124 Recruiter hours saved
  • 300% Increase in candidate reach
  • 86.8% Candidate satisfaction

Want to learn more about the tech behind our campus hiring? Watch more here.