2024 HireVue Customer Excellence Awards are Now Closed

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What are the Awards?

The HireVue Customer Awards acknowledge outstanding successes by customers across the world and in a wide variety of categories, including impact on hiring and ROI, diversity shifts, candidate experience, and innovation.

Why should I enter?

A HireVue Customer Excellence Award recognizes your hard work while amplifying both your business and your personal story. Boosting your brand, it will inform your business leaders, peers and candidates that you are a leader and an innovator.

Who has won before?

Check out the winners from our 2023 Customer Awards here.

Does submitting an entry cost anything?

HireVue’s Customer Excellence Awards are of no cost to you or your organization!

Am I limited to one entry each awards cycle?

No, entries are limited to one per award category, but you are encouraged to submit for as many categories as possible per awards cycle!

What are the Categories?

HireVue’s 2024 Customer Awards Categories are as follows:

  1. Diversity Star Award → Recognizes the use of HireVue technology to mitigate risk and reduce bias.
  2. Impact Star Award →Recognizes impact on hiring and ROI by leveraging HireVue technology.
  3. Experience Star Award →Recognizes the use of HireVue technology to create the best candidate experience.
  4. Rock Star Award → Recognizes an individual’s outstanding use of HireVue technology for their organization.
  5. *NEW* Rising Star Award →Recognizes the achievements of new HireVue customers or those who have implemented a new HireVue solution within 2023.
  6. *NEW* Unlocking Potential Award→ Recognizes the use of HireVue technology to tap into their candidates’ potential.
Am I committing to anything?

The HireVue team will create videos about each winner’s story. Creating a winner video with HireVue contributes to your HireVue All-Star status. To learn more about the All-Star Program, contact your HireVueCustomer Success Director.

By submitting the form you represent that if you are chosen as an award winner you have the authority to agree to allow HireVue to leverage your company name, logo and story in conjunction with this award program.