Video Interviewing

Candidates Do the Darndest Things

We spend a lot of time talking about digital interviews and interviewing. Candidates sometimes say and do things they shouldn't in an interview…. and sometimes, that behavior is interesting... or should we say downright bizarre?

We've been entertained and a bit inspired by a list over on Intuit Quickbase of the strangest things interviewees have done. From client-stealing donut deliverers to disgruntled interviewees vandalizing company property, there are some unbelievable stories about interview flops.

Since strange things happen even in the digital interviewing world, we wanted to compile our own list of weird things that have happened in interviews, with a digital twist. If you've got a bizarre story to share about candidates doing strange things in a digital interview, please email your story to us. We'll be compiling and featuring our favorite on the HireVue blog, so be sure to check back soon for fun and downright funny weird digital interviewing stories.

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