A Founder’s Vue: Mark Newman

October 7th, 2013
Mark Newman
Video Interviewing

Dear World,

Building HireVue over the last nine years has been a roller coaster ride, a white knuckle event and a dream- all in one. What I have been able to experience is frankly, surreal and borderline unfair. I've had such a blast working with and building our team and product. Time has passed in a flash. The way I look at it, nine years down with many, many more to go. To that end, I'd like to discuss a few recent announcements. To truly understand HireVue you need to know what our entire team is aligned on

 1) We (along with our customers and partners) believe it is our responsibility to create a solution that's core enables people to tell their story, demonstrate their ability to work and finally brings the concept of the human back to human capital.

2) As a team we believe in a world where people are represented by their actions, their ideas for the future, their stories, their work, attitudes, thoughts and abilities and that it is our calling to bring those people and their stories to life and to make them front and center in human capital decisions. 

3) For our users, we believe in a world where knowing people, understanding people and scaling those interactions to build the next generation that changes the world is what HR and Talent is all about.

4) It is very easy to build a failing company. It is very hard to build a great one. We are focused on building that great company and will not settle for anything less. Hopefully, this context helps as you get to know HireVue and what we are working on.

First - To support this vision I am pleased to announce HireVue's release of our Talent Interaction Platform (TIP), adding a unique set of features that allow HR professionals, recruiters, managers, and employers to quickly and effectively engage, interact, understand and assess talent to build the greatest teams in the world. With this expansion, we have also included an exciting new partnership and integration with LinkedIn, a first of its kind in our market. With the new Talent Interaction Platform, HireVue is not simply a digital interviewing application. It's a suite of feature-rich SaaS software which includes: 

  • HireVue for Sourcing (New): Branded social media and digital campaigns with a new LinkedIn integration.
  • HireVue for Screening: Quickly screen more candidates in less time. Secure buy-in from team members and hiring managers by rating. HireVue is pre-integrated with more than a dozen existing recruiting platforms.
  • HireVue for Validation: HireVue's multi-media questions, tests, and industry-specific evaluation tools perform deeper capabilities assessments and pose real-life scenarios to effectively evaluate skills.
  • HireVue for Interviewing (New): Live video and panel interview tools enhance the experience, allow for deeper insights, and can be recorded and shared with the team.
  • HireVue for Onboarding (New): Allow candidates to introduce themselves and get to know new team members beyond words on a resume or online profiles. After years of HR technology automating people and processes, we're committed to putting the human element back in the center of business. Enabling people to tell their story and to demonstrate their ability to work is a movement that we believe is bigger than HireVue and something we owe to every person who has ever had to look for a job (i.e., all of us), become part of a team or figure out how to be successful.

Second - As part of our Talent Interaction Platform, we also announced a joint collaboration and partnership with LinkedIn. LinkedIn Recruiter users can now tightly integrate candidates' full LinkedIn profiles with HireVue interviews in an automated way-no searching, no public links, no twenty clicks, no cut-and-paste. It's a seamless integration and user experience. Candidates and prospects can now also register for their HireVue interview using their LinkedIn profile when using OpenVue. Needless to say, as the only partner to LinkedIn in the digital interviewing market, we are incredibly excited.

Third - In addition to our product enhancements, HireVue has partnered with Sequoia Capital, who along with our existing investors just invested $25m in new capital into HireVue. This additional capital will enable us to speed expansion globally, continue to innovate on our platform and support our partnerships with the world's top companies to deliver an unmatched recruiting and talent interaction experience.

For those of you who don't know who Sequoia Capital is, I'm excited to share a little more detail about our newest partner. Sequoia has invested in many companies including Apple, Cisco, Google, eBay, Oracle, LinkedIn, Zappos, YouTube, Appirio and is a host of other industry game-changers. I'm humbled by their confidence in HireVue. Sequoia is an incredible organization to work with and one I hope to work with for the rest of my professional life.

Mickey Arabelovic, who is joining our board, represents every attribute we aspire to inside of HireVue and we are so excited to have him. We are totally aligned on building an enduring, great and successful company and that is why it made complete sense to work together.

We're ambitious about the future and I look forward to sharing more good news as we continue to grow and re-shape the industry together. It's going to be incredibly hard work but I wouldn't want to do this with any other team in the world.

Keep rockin'

Mark Newman
Founder & CEO