World Hiring Day Gives Candidates Guaranteed Introductions

September 13th, 2016
Erica Hill
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Several months ago, Mark Newman walked into a brainstorming session and said, 'How can we think bigger? How can we give more people than ever before a shot at their dream job?' As the Founder of HireVue, Mark is passionate about connecting candidates to opportunity. In fact, he started HireVue when he couldn't get an interview at a well-known investment bank (now a customer). The hiring process is broken.  Resumes are not the best representation of a person's abilities and skills. Research shows the best candidates are only in the job market for 10 days (Harvard Business Review), yet the typical time to hire can last up to 63 days (CEB). Video interviewing is proven to collapse recruiting time because scheduling back and forth is greatly reduced and when paired with other process improvements the time to hire is collapsed even further. Together with key customers, HireVue is on a mission to address the broken interview process with video in the first ever "World Hiring Day" as a global initiative to give people a voice and match talent to great opportunities. Candidates that take a digital interview are 50% more likely to get an offer than candidates that go through a traditional process.  Over 200 companies are participating in the first World Hiring Day and are commited to making the recruitment process a better experience for candidates. No resumes, no applications, no cover letters to get in the door- just a quick video introduction that will be reviewed by recruiters and all candidates will get a fair shot, rather than sending an application into a black hole. Children's Mercy Hospital pioneered an 'Introduce Yourself' program where candidates can introduce themselves via video and recruiters follow up to suggest roles where they see best fit. Over 100 hires joined Children's Mercy through the first year of this program - some applied over 30 times before and never got an interview until they submitted an introduction video.

To learn more about World Hiring Day and the companies participating, check out the website and video.