HireVue and The Carlyle Group Partnering for a New Phase of Growth

September 3rd, 2019
Kevin Parker

Today we are delighted to announce that leading global investment firm The Carlyle Group is partnering with HireVue as our new majority investor.  The Carlyle Group has deep industry expertise and deploys private capital across a variety of business segments, with a core area of focus on technology companies. We chose to partner with The Carlyle Group  because we believe that their experience with helping companies like HireVue achieve even greater success will help us accelerate our vision to transform the hiring process globally.

Over the last 15 years, HireVue has evolved from video interviewing pioneer to market leader and creator of the first AI-driven pre-hire assessment platform. Along the way, HireVue and our customers have made huge strides in eliminating the many shortcomings of traditional hiring processes, making it more objective, more efficient, and more effective for hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates alike -- all while increasing fairness and diversity in hiring.

We’ve given candidates a convenient, self-service way to take interviews and assessments, and to self-schedule live interviews at times that work best for them. We’ve also given time back to recruiters to focus on the people-centered parts of recruiting and hiring, while HireVue scales to help them manage the tens of thousands of candidates that come in each month.

Yet we have a larger vision that will take the transformation further. In an age when we have instant feedback and endless choices, candidates bring expectations from their lives as consumers into the process of interviewing for jobs, as well. HireVue sees a future where people on all sides of the interview benefit from a new standard of  convenience and customization, delivered through the intersection of people, technology, and science. Our new partnership with Carlyle will help us accelerate that vision to meet everyone’s expectations for ease, simplicity, and instant access to the information they need.

We couldn’t be more proud to partner with a firm with a culture of “performance through collaboration” like The Carlyle Group.  That’s the same way we approach our work with you, our customers.

By pursuing our vision in partnership with The Carlyle Group, we believe we’ll help improve the hiring experience for more people while making organizations more successful than ever. So I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the launch of an exciting new phase for HireVue and our customers.

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