HireVue’s commitment to customer success

June 12th, 2023
Patrick Morrissey, Chief Customer Officer

It has been an incredibly exciting and busy few weeks following the news of our acquisition of Modern Hire. The team is immersed in the hard work of bringing the best of our organizations together, and in my new role as Chief Customer Officer, I’m working on combining the best of our world-class scientific investments and products together to help our customers move quickly in a very tight labor market.

When I joined HireVue as Chief Growth Officer, it was to lead our Marketing, Product, Data Science and I/O Psychology teams, and in that time I’ve been continually amazed by everything we’ve accomplished. The team’s work has included reimagining our vision, mission and values to clarifying an incredibly exciting product vision. We’ve published cutting-edge scientific research (the combined Science Teams of HireVue and Modern Hire presented an impressive 22 sessions at SIOP this year). Our team has also consulted with the White House and EEOC to advocate for common sense AI regulations for hiring. 

The goal at the heart of all of this great work has always been easy to articulate: to enable our world-class customers to quickly and fairly connect talent to their open opportunities. And to be the champion for the candidate.

Everything we’ve done, and will continue to do, is intended to quickly fill your open roles using the best skill-based assessments, technology, science and automation. Each choice we make is done to provide you with better experiences that work across role types within your organization. We know that we are only as successful as our customers who are meeting or exceeding their hiring goals. 

Our commitment to customers

I’ve started digging in with our Customer Success leaders and one of my first priorities is to ensure that every question you have about the future of our products and services is answered (step one: write this blog). This is the first in a series of communications and conversations that I’m looking forward to having with each of you to outline our big, bold vision for the future of hiring at your companies.

As the team works on bringing the best of HireVue and Modern Hire together, I want to lay out three promises we’re making to our future and current customers in this new role:

Our mantra is “no customer left behind”

We work with some of the largest companies and government organizations in the world, helping them hire across 180 countries. As we chart our vision together for the future, we want to ensure that we account for the needs of every customer and build a clear path forward – one that accounts for what hiring looks like today and tomorrow.  We’ll be sharing a detailed roadmap in late August, one that clarifies our approach and enables us to work with you to determine how we deliver the best hiring solution to maximize your investment.

We want to build our relationship with you based on science, service and expertise.

From the first time we started talking to the Modern Hire team, it was clear that their focus on engaging and ethical hiring was based on their commitment to science, coupled with a fierce focus on customer success. This approach is 100% aligned with how HireVue was founded and the relationships we’ve built with our customers. You should expect us to be not just committed to your success but to be your partner in bringing scientific rigor, rich data and industry best practice to every interaction. 

In our values, we talk about this focus as “being a hero for our customers,” and we think it’s core to every meaningful customer relationship. Our commitment remains unchanged, especially at a time when the world of work is dramatically shifting – we’re here for you with our ear to the ground and a newly expanded team of experts to give you the best insights into solving your toughest hiring challenges.

The best relationships are all about communication and we would love to hear your feedback

A number of customers have come to us with additional questions or feedback about the acquisition. We would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see in the next phase of HireVue. From science and technology to products and features, we want to know how we can best serve you. 

For details regarding your applications and solutions, please continue to engage with your Customer Success and delivery teams. And you can reach out to me personally via email, LinkedIn, or I’m happy to set up a call. Our goal is to get a little better every day and we appreciate your enhancement requests, questions and insights. 

Improving the way the world identifies skills and how we fill the jobs of tomorrow is something I know we do better than anyone else in the market. But we don’t do it alone – it’s because of our incredible relationships with customers and partners that we’re able to better understand the need for what comes next before others. I can’t wait to work closer with all of you in the coming year and beyond.

Patrick Morrissey
Chief Customer Officer