What HireVue can do for public sector recruiting

July 5th, 2023
The HireVue Team

Those in hiring are no strangers to the ebbs and flows of economic shifts, landscape changes, and unexpected challenges—but for public sector teams, the challenges may feel magnified. The stakes are high for these teams, tasked with ensuring the country is running smoothly across federal agencies and state and local governments.

And many are feeling the weight of unqualified talent pipelines, with these hiring teams reporting finding the right talent has gotten worse. According to the Federal Times, “22 of 29 agencies reported a decrease in their satisfaction score.”

Public sector hiring teams are frequently faced with slow, manual processes, lengthy applications, and the constant race against the private sector for talent. However, the right hiring technology can not only increase your influx of quality talent but ensure your hiring is faster and more equitable for everyone involved. Below, we’ll explore how HireVue solves the hiring challenges facing today’s public sector teams.

Enhancing DOD and military recruiting

One of the long-standing complaints of public sector hiring processes is the poor candidate experience. Today’s candidates are more educated—with higher expectations for the hiring experience. HireVue is FedRAMP-certified and used by 8 of the 10 largest federal agencies, and for those DOD agencies using HireVue solutions, they’re creating positive candidate experiences with increased engagement. 

By incorporating automation, hiring teams at one agency now respond to candidates within 1 business day—even during the holidays. 

Video interviewing and automation allow hiring to continue across different time zones—a critical flexibility for those in DOD. Hiring managers used to have to arrive at work at 4am for an interview but are now able to build hiring strategies around efficiency—not logistics.

Keeping America safe is a constant responsibility, requiring quality candidates for roles. HireVue technology attracts top military recruits with solutions in place to recruit, retain, and reimagine workflows. For example, HireVue allows military recruiters to reimagine how they reach recruits in 2023—ultimately increasing their DEP retention.

For example, with HireVue:

  • Mobile-friendly solutions meet young recruits on their phones offering a convenient and positive candidate experience. 
  • Candidates are then able to complete an on-demand interview and assessment, and a stack-ranked scoring is sent to Command. 
  • Direct messaging alerts can be delivered via text including homework reminders, workout notifications, and  Delayed Entry Process (DEP) event information 
  • The result? Consistent engagement throughout the entire process resulting in increased DEP retention and recruiter effectiveness.

Combat labor shortages with automation, conversational AI, and assessments

Today’s state and local agencies are struggling to fill roles and serve the public. Agencies responsible for public health, transportation, and education are still facing a barren landscape after Covid. 

According to Forbes, while the private sector has recovered, “public sector jobs, especially in state and local governments, are still below their levels from before the pandemic. State governments are missing 200,000 jobs – a decline of 3.8% relative to February 2020 — while local governments are down by 305,000 jobs or 2.1%.” 

When Atlanta Public Schools was faced with limited staff and resources, they needed a solution to identify top teachers and principles for schools. By incorporating HireVue video interviewing across 80 schools, the school system was able to save $200,000 in one year and staff at 100% on the first day of school.

HireVue solutions empower teams to navigate the complex landscape of labor shortages. Today’s hiring is slow and hard for these teams, but automation and conversational AI remove clunky hiring processes and drive efficiency—all while creating a more positive candidate experience. Plus, skill-based assessments allow teams to quickly contact candidates and identify the skills necessary to be successful beyond what is shown on a resume or traditional interview process. Back your decisions with data and speed—so you can make smart decisions fast.

Support diverse hiring with data

Due to decades-old process and technology, public sector candidate pools are often restricted in both size and diversity—because the current systems cannot fairly and effectively screen large volumes of applicants. By structuring interviews and evaluating with pre-hire assessments, hiring teams can ensure they’re providing the same experience for all candidates and creating a fair baseline for evaluation. Support your decisions with AI-driven insights for a more inclusive process with better and fairer hiring outcomes. 

Breakthrough the misconceptions

Hiring managers also face the challenge of breaking through preconceived notions about what it’s like to work for the public sector—one being that those working for the public lack growth opportunities. 

However, those on the inside know that’s not the case! For example, some agencies offer paid internships, intern coaching groups, and even foreign language development classes—opportunities hiring managers should share with their candidates.  

HireVue offers the option to share introduction videos to candidates or even realistic job previews—opportunities to share your agency’s brand and start building relationships with your candidates. Remember, technology is a strategy for smarter hiring—not a replacement for relationship-building.

HireVue is the only FISMA and Privacy Act compliant talent experience platform. Ready to learn more? Request a demo.