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October 23rd 2017

HireVue Team

How AI Helps Humans Make the Best Hires [SlideShare]


Are you scaring away top candidates with grueling hiring assessments?  If you’re going the traditional route, then the answer is probably "Yes."  While the value of pre-employment assessments is undeniable, it’s critical to take advantage of modern recruiting tools to streamline the experience for candidates.  This is where artificial intelligence comes into play. 

The Solution Recruiters are Using to Hire Faster - And Make Better Decisions

Keeping up with the fast-paced job market can be a challenge. Especially without the right recruitment tools to support modern candidate expectations.  With artificial intelligence, recruiters have the ability to assess job candidates more accurately and cut down on the time it takes to complete assessments. Rather than clicking their way through question after question, candidates can respond to job-relevant questions with a video interview that provide deep insights into their soft and hard skills.  Discover how AI is being used to attract top talent and decrease the likelihood of ending up with a bad hire in this presentation. 

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