How Artificial Intelligence Helps Humans Find the Best Talent [Infographic]

October 5th, 2017
Jon-Mark Sabel

Did you know that our ability to make decisions changes throughout the day?

In the morning, we make decisions more slowly - but those decisions tend to be more accurate. In the evening, it’s reversed. The closer to night we get, the quicker we make decisions - with declining accuracy.

How Recruiters Make Better Decisions - Consistently

This is why the Aberdeen Group noted in 2010 that 91% of “Best-in-Class” organizations used a pre-hire assessment in recruiting. The assessment cannot and does not replace the recruiter - it provides a decision-making foundation unbeholden to the rising and setting of the sun.

But the traditional assessment (typically consisting of 70+ multiple choice questions) cannot keep up with the modern job market. Candidates expect an experience that, at the very least, respects their time. An experience that doesn’t will be abandoned.

That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play. With AI, you can deliver a predictive hiring assessment without the time-consuming baggage candidates avoid. See how it works:


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