How to better find and hire part-time employees

May 17th, 2022

HireVue Team

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According to Zippia, part-time workers represent a large section of the global workforce with the demographic representing 17% of the US workforce, 25% of the Australian workforce, and 23% of the UK workforce. However, in the current candidate-driven market, effectively finding, engaging, and hiring part-time employees can feel like a full-time job. Whether you’re searching for seasonal talent or long-term part-time workers, there are a variety of solutions you can incorporate to make your hiring faster and more flexible. 

Below are 3 tips to better find and hire part-time employees.

Meet your candidates on their screens.

When 80% of candidates are searching for jobs on their phones, meeting your candidates on their screens is no longer an option–it’s a necessity. Effectively reaching generations like Gen Z and millennials requires a mobile-first experience. Plus, college and high school students are frequently the target talent when trying to fill both seasonal and long-term part-time positions. 

According to Business of Apps, 64% of Gen Z smartphone users are consistently online and 57% report feeling insecure if they don’t have their phone. Incorporating mobile-friendly text-powered solutions is a smart way to start hiring faster. HireVue allows candidates to job search, pre-screen, schedule interviews, and complete their on-demand interviews or game assessments from their phones.

Ask the important questions at the beginning.

Part-time workers and hiring teams are both frequently searching for specific availability. Whether you’re looking for late nights, sometime before or after 9-5, or solely weekends, you want to be sure you’re interviewing and continually engaging candidates who are available. 

Technology like HireVue allows you to integrate some of your pre-screening questions into automated chat conversations. Asking candidates about their availability during this phase of the process not only saves hiring manager and candidate time but will fast-track your best talent while avoiding top-of-funnel drop-off. 

Offer candidates interview flexibility.

Did you know the top reason people are looking for part-time work is that they are balancing school or a training program? According to a report by Georgetown University,  almost three-quarters (70%) of full-time students are also working. Part-time workers are looking for flexibility during the hiring process and offering it shows you care about the candidate experience. Options like on-demand interviewing encourages flexibility–a characteristic many part-time workers are searching for in their next job. In 2021, 42% of HireVue OnDemand interviews were completed outside normal business and school hours proving candidates care about flexibility–so you should, too. 

Remember–since many part-time workers are only available to work at certain hours, they may only be available to interview at certain hours as well.

Curious to learn more? Request a demo or check out our blog post about hiring seasonal talent

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