How to Brand Your Company Through Digital Interviewing - Part 2

July 30th, 2013
Sodavy Sok
Video Interviewing

How to Brand Your Company Through Digital Interviewing

Last week we talked about the WHYs of branding your company through Digital Interviewing. Now let’s go into HOW you can accomplish this goal. After recruiting at small and large companies all over the state of Utah I saw firsthand how vital it was to communicate this mission to potential candidates. One of the main reasons I accepted a position at HireVue is because I immediately saw the value that digital interviewing would bring to both companies and candidates in company branding early on.  Here are some tips on what you can do to start branding better to your future top team members:

How to Brand to Potential Candidates:

• Intro and Closing Videos – the digital experience enables candidates to have a more personal experience with you and your company before meeting you over the phone or in person. They say first impressions always stick, and creating an intro video right before a candidate starts their digital interview is a great way to not only tell them about your company but to show them. Closing videos only help to reinforce your key mission.

• E-mail Templates to Candidates – Create relevant and interesting communication at the very beginning of candidate interaction. Provide visuals that describe your company aside text so it can start imprinting on their vision of what it would be like to work there as a team member. Treat them like you would your most valuable employee. It is best if your email communication is clear, concise and clean.

• Customized E-mail Templates to Evaluators – Evaluators within your company should receive the same company branded message that candidates do from the beginning of the recruiting process.  This will enable them to better evaluate candidates that will truly fit in with your company culture and will reiterate your company mission and values from the first interview to the job offer.

• Customized Landing Page – Creating a customized landing page for your company shows that you really care about and are invested in hiring top talent. It is something that you can send all potential candidates to in order to get a sense of who you are and what kind of team members you are looking for even before they are given a digital interview to take.

• Customized OpenVue Page – OpenVue is the HireVue tool to bring your digital interviewing to the candidates through a customized URL that can be shared anywhere on the web and that others can share socially to recruit on your behalf. When a potential candidate receives this URL they can instantly start a digital interview, sending you more candidates, more efficiently.  Because the nature of the internet ensures that anything can go viral at any time, it is a good idea to prepare for the eyeballs that will be coming to your website to apply without your immediate control. It extends a broad reach to potential candidates that haven’t talked to one of your recruiters or hiring managers, but still may be interested in your company because of what they see.

• Consistent Company Logo and Colors - Although intro/closing videos, e-mails and landing pages give your candidates a more personalized experience, attention must be paid to the consistency of logos and your company colors throughout the interview journey. Your goal is for anyone at any time to recognize your company branding and have a positive connotation with anything associated with you – whether they received a job offer or not.

Company branding in the recruiting process is crucial to hiring top talent. Positioning your company in the best light to potential candidates will create an enthusiasm and loyalty from candidates very early on in the process, where all successful teams begin.

How do you brand your company to attract top talent? New ideas? We are all ears!