How to make healthcare hiring for hourly roles easier

May 22nd, 2023
The HireVue Team

Say goodbye to hiring headaches: Make healthcare hiring for hourly roles easier

Imagine if 95% of your workforce experienced burnout in the past 3 years. Or if almost a third of your employees quit during the pandemic.

This has been the reality for healthcare hiring teams battling the upheaval of pandemic hiring. While only 15.6% of nurses reported feeling burned out in 2019, the number is now up to 62%

However, the demand for healthcare professionals is increasing:

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “About 203,200 openings for registered nurses are projected each year, on average, over the decade.” 
  • Marketplace notes that 49,000 healthcare jobs were added every month of 2022—5x times more than 2021.

Healthcare hiring isn’t slowing down, and teams need ways to hire qualified talent faster. And for healthcare, the stakes are higher—with quality care dependent on fully staffed, qualified teams. 

Below are 3 tools for your salaried and hourly hiring to start finding the best talent and fill your shifts fast.

Flexible solutions make life easier for hiring teams and candidates.

For healthcare workers, there is too much time wasted scheduling interviews and attending long interview rounds. And for roles known for long work weeks and non-traditional hours, this wasted time is just time taken away from shifts treating patients. 

HireVue structured interviewing offers the critical flexibility needed with OnDemand interviewing. Candidates can easily stay engaged, schedule interviews, and record interviews all on their phones. Plus, they can interview when it’s convenient for them—which may even be before or after an overnight shift. 

In an industry currently defined by burnout and stress, offering candidate flexibility goes a long way in showing you value them as people—not just employees. 

Automate your workflows for quicker hiring.

Proper healthcare relies on fast hiring and smart decisions. When time is critical, you need solutions that allow you to make offers quickly. 

Incorporating conversational AI and text recruiting allows teams to seamlessly and easily engage with candidates and send automated invites and reminders. And by allowing candidates to self-schedule their own interviews, hiring teams can say goodbye to the scheduling headaches that slow down hiring.

Quickly re-engage passive candidate pools.

Beacon Healthcare System set out on a mission to create more meaningful relationships between recruiters and candidates from the start. 

Alexa Tupper, Digital Marketing Specialist for Beacon, emphasizes the importance of the human relationship in recruiting by saying, “We see our candidates as customers, and we want to serve them in the best way possible.”

Establishing positive and effective communication early in the hiring process goes a long way in sustaining a positive relationship between recruiters and employees. By incorporating conversational AI, the Beacon hiring team maximized their candidate pipeline by automatically building a resume database. Candidates who aren’t selected for a role are stored for future opportunities that may arise. 

When planning a nursing network event, Beacon launched a text campaign through HireVue, and of the 660 recipients, 90% of the texts were delivered. Knowing their messages were received by candidates with whom they had already communicated was a positive step in creating an engaged candidate pipeline. 

Tupper added, “What matters is that we’re putting our name out there and people are getting our texts. Even if they’re a passive candidate, it’s important that they can easily text when they are ready for a new job.”

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