How to optimize your HR tech stack

July 31st, 2023
The HireVue Team

Today’s hiring teams are asked to do a lot with fewer resources—tasked with making faster, smarter hires despite a current landscape defined by a lot of change.

But with some facing hiring freezes, lay-offs, or maybe even surges for others, they all share a goal in today’s economic climate—hire to retain.

This year, 30% of companies are increasing their HR tech budgets, and a third have turned to technology to meet rising demands with fewer resources. However, wading through the overpopulated pool of HR tech stack options can be overwhelming—especially when you need each piece to work together, not individually.

Today’s hiring teams have to think through their entire process and find solutions that work as one cohesive hiring ecosystem. And HireVue has 3 tips to help you optimize your HR tech stack.

Automate your pain points.

Speed is the name of the game for hiring decisions, and if you want to start reaching your top talent faster, you need to say goodbye to all the manual roadblocks. Are you manually handling any of these time-consuming tasks?

  • Scheduling phone calls
  • Emailing available dates
  • Manually rescheduling interviews
  • Emailing reminders

Well, it’s time to change that.

HireVue solutions empower teams to make smarter decisions faster by inviting candidates to automatically schedule (and reschedule) their interviews. So, how does automation actually work? Let’s look at a candidate searching for a role on your website for a sales position.

  • She engages with your website chatbot, uploads her resume, and is automatically job matched to a Sales Manager position.
  • After completing her ATS application, she receives a text to self-schedule an interview.
  • Once she schedules, the interview automatically updates to the hiring manager’s calendar.
  • She is sent a reminder via text to complete her on-demand interview and assessment.
  • She completes both and, based on her automated scoring, is invited to the final round.

Automation takes the stress of manual hiring out of the process, so teams can focus more on building relationships with their candidates. 

Integrate with your ATS.

When it comes to thinking through your entire hiring tech stack, you need to make sure your pieces fit together. And an effective hiring solution is dependent on a strong ATS.

When the pandemic hit, one HireVue customer, a global food delivery service that operates in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the US grew 230%.

They needed a way to hire more effectively—and fast. But they also wanted to remain agile and flexible in the process, and finding a solution that integrated seamlessly with Workday was a critical piece to the solution.

With HireVue, a Workday Select Partner, this customer moved away from using CVs to assess and screen applications. They now use it to simply create the Workday profile which then triggers the HireVue chatbot to send out screening questions. Assuming that a candidate rules themselves in, they will then progress to the HireVue online assessment, which is a cognitive ability test. Candidates then self-schedule an in-person group assessment (again using the HireVue chatbot), and that’s where this HireVue customer creates the extra capacity to connect properly with an individual.

With the HireVue + Workday integration, this customer has seen:

  • 50% Reduction in time-to-hire from 14 to 7 days
  • 93% Customer Satisfaction Score
  • 83% Interview completion score
“We’ve done a full global roll out and that has gone very smoothly. The technical integration with Workday has also been absolutely seamless. Our completion is 85%, which is actually higher than our old process, and we’re able to process a much higher number of applications. But most importantly it’s about maintaining the quality of the candidate experience – and we’ve been able to improve that too, which currently sits at 93%.”
- HireVue Customer.

Engage more candidates in less time.

We’ve touched on this a bit with the focus on automation, but automation also empowers teams to engage more qualified candidates quicker. 

How? With texting.

In today’s digital age, there’s no excuse for letting candidates fall through the cracks. And when you do, it reflects poorly on your brand, and for those companies whose candidates are also their customers, that’s not a risk they can take.

Did you know that 80% of candidates won’t reapply if you don’t provide an application status?

Create a candidate experience worth bragging about—because it’s the first glimpse of life as an employee. Poor candidate experience? Candidates have an inclination that your employee experience may not be much better. 

Texting allows TA teams to easily engage or re-engage your active and passive talent pools. Send invites and reminders to complete interviews or send a campaign to past applicants to invite them to events or notify them of new openings. With texting, you can watch leads turn into hires quickly

HireVue texting solutions allow teams to send 1:1 or campaign messages from the platform—not their personal phone (which also decreases liability, so your legal and IT teams will be very happy). HireVue conversational AI progresses candidates in your ATS after each interaction and then texts them the next steps, so you can shave days or even weeks off of your time-to-hire.

24/7/365 day engagement is not only effective—it’s as easy as pressing send.

When you audit your processes to ensure they’re optimized for success, you’ll start creating workforces that can last through tomorrow’s challenges. HireVue now has an assessment for every role at every level, and by combining the power of automation, integration, and engagement with data-backed decisions you can start reaping the benefits of effective, skill-backed hiring. 

Want to learn more? Checkout our HR Technology Guide: How to make sense of the tech clutter. Start making smart hires fast with HireVue. Request a demo today.