How to Rapidly Shift to Virtual Interviewing in Response to Coronavirus

March 26th, 2020
Chelsea Kilpack
Video Interviewing

A global pandemic quickly puts your company’s business continuity plan into very sharp focus - something everyone is learning as coronavirus continues to spread and community responses evolve. But the truth is that HR leaders and talent teams on the front lines always knew what a critical part hiring plays within that larger picture - especially for organizations that are hiring hundreds to thousands of employees in spite of the world’s ever-changing circumstances. For examples of critical business continuity, look no further than the need to suddenly fill positions at grocery stores, e-commerce warehouses, and healthcare facilities around the world.

HireVue is committed to helping employers protect the health and safety of their candidates and employees by enabling them to quickly adapt every possible part of the hiring process from face-to-face to completely virtual so we can all stop the spread of COVID-19.

Jared T. Bazzell of CDW and Misty Smith at ARUP Laboratories joined us in a recent webinar to share how they’re providing support to all of their stakeholders in a virtual model that includes updates to hiring and onboarding.

When it comes to planning for a transition to virtual interviewing, we know from our experience hosting 15 million virtual interviews that there are three critical factors to avoid disruption and maintain rich interactions with your candidates:

  • Scalable 24x7 support not only for employers and but candidates as well
  • A platform with tested enterprise-grade security and stability to safeguard candidate privacy
  • Seamless Integration with other HR applications i.e. applicant tracking systems (ATS)

If your team only needs to hire a few people, you may be able to effectively leverage free services or your conference provider as a short-term solution, but if you’re trying to maintain critical hiring across the globe for a sizable number of hires, you’ll need an upgrade from basic tools and services. Be sure any partner meets the following criteria:

  1. Comprehensive support: An interview is not just another meeting. The first, and most important element of making the switch to virtual interviews is ensuring that not only are your hiring teams well supported during the process, but that your candidates have access to the same immediate and high-touch support. Our Customer Success team and 24/7 multilingual, global support team ensures that employers and candidates both have everything they need to make the switch from in-person to virtual interviews seamlessly.
  2. Enterprise-grade security & stability: Unexpected changes and the need to implement a new solution rapidly should never compromise the brand you’ve worked so hard to build or the privacy of your job candidates. We’re committed to rapid implementation that is deployed in lock-step with our professional services team, as well as backed up by our best-in-class security, so you can go through implementation with a team of expert eyes focused on mitigating risk. HireVue provides its customers with industry-leading security, including ISO/ IEC 27001:2013, SOC 2 Type 2, and FedRAMP certification. To provide more information to your information security teams, check out this post for greater detail.
  3. Integration with your ATS: Any unexpected change in business can have lasting repercussions for your team as they try to adjust. HireVue can minimize that disruption with integration into your existing ecosystem. Selecting tools that integrate with your current technology stack creates efficiencies without overhauling your entire process. You can reduce potential redundancies and create an environment that gives some much needed stability back to your talent acquisition teams so they can focus on what matters most: your employees and candidates.

The HireVue team is here to help your HR leaders rapidly transition to an effective virtual hiring model so they can keep finding your organization the best talent available - in spite of any of the world’s new and sudden obstacles.

If you’re an employee looking to take your first virtual interview, visit our Candidates page for interview tips, frequently asked questions, and our candidate help center.