How to Rebrand Your Business: Successful Tips from Domino’s Pizza

January 20th, 2015
Emily Hatch
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supreme pizza If you’re looking to rebrand your company a great start is following the example of Domino's Pizza.Back in 2011 Domino’s Pizzaspent millions of dollars, launchinga “brutally honest” advertising campaign where consumers were asked to taste Domino's Pizza and give their honest feedback. If you recall, their feedback was not pretty. So how did this approach work?How do salesincrease by showing the negative side of your business? The reason for their success was one simple factor – TRUST. Once Domino's Pizza regained consumers' trust, the opportunity to successfully rebrand was in place. Here is a simple overview of their rebranding process and how you can apply it in your organization. Find Out What’s Important to Your Consumers 85% of consumers read up to ten online reviews before they feel they can trust a company and purchase their products. In order to gain trust your organization needs raving customer reviews. The best way to increase positive reviews is through your customer success department. Making sure your customers are happy and have an easy way to create an online review is the best possible way to gain a positive brand for your company. If you do have unhappy customers, make it your top priority to solve their problems and ease their concerns. An unhappy customer can easily be turned into your greatest advocate if you are willing to place them as your number one priority. Address the Elephant in the Room Take some time to do market research. Find out what people honestly think about your business by asking the tough questions. Domino's knew their problem was “crappy” tasting pizza and went above and beyond to fix the problem. They gained control of the conversation through their television ad campaign and then dramatically spun it into a positive by publicly acknowledging feedback, accepting responsibility and making necessary changes. Taking it one step further,they established a website in July 2010 where customers uploaded photos of their dining experience with the promise that Domino's would not create any touch-ups or delete any photos. The result? More than 40,000 photos were submitted, an unbelievable response.With this tactic, Domino'sbroke one all the rules of advertising by including subpar looking food in their television ads. That yearDomino's received a growth of 12% in their third quarter. Allow Customers to Be Heard Domino’s also embraced social media to attract younger buyers. In addition, an online pizza-tracker tool was created to allow customers to follow their order, creating another level of personalization./span>Domino’s also posted customer feedback – the good, the bad and the ugly –on a 125-foot electronic billboard in New York’s Times Square, in an effort to show they value feedback and won't shy away from criticism. Although Domino's dramatic approach to rebranding might not work for every business, this basic overview is a great starting point in your efforts to positively change your company's image or to simply create a buzz to increase sales.