Modern Hire wins 2023 AI Excellence Award

March 30th, 2023
The HireVue Team

We’re honored to be recognized for our leadership in artificial intelligence by Business Intelligence Group, which has selected Modern Hire (now part of HireVue) for a 2023 AI Excellence Award. The AI Excellence Award highlights organizations that are developing and using unique, practical AI solutions to solve real world problems. With our advanced selection science and ethical AI, Modern Hire (now part of HireVue) is transforming hiring for enterprises worldwide and helping them significantly reduce bias in talent acquisition.

Innovative Application of AI in Interviewing

Each year, Business Intelligence Group highlights market-changing AI innovation. Last year, Modern Hire (now part of HireVue) deployed Automated Interview Scoring and Automated Interview Creator (AIC), two applications that utilize cutting-edge AI to reduce bias and improve decision-making in candidate interviews.

Though interviewing is a foundational hiring practice, its disadvantages are well known: Interviewing can be time-consuming, prone to human bias, and a low-ROI exercise for both companies and candidates. Modern Hire’s (now part of HireVue) team, which includes almost 50 PhD-level psychologists, harnessed the power of AI to improve interviewing’s flaws.

Automated Interview Scoring (AIS) automatically scores interview responses like trained human experts but does so with more than 3x less bias than human interviewers, which significantly increases fairness and objectivity in the hiring process. AIS helps interviewers avoid unconscious bias by providing a standardized, consistent, and objective selection methodology that brings the focus to the job-relevant aspects of candidates’ responses. Using proven industrial/organizational psychology methods and innovative AI, AIS reliably replicates the judgment of professionally trained experts. Modern Hire’s (now part of HireVue) AIS models were rigorously developed and found to have extremely high levels of accuracy replicating expert raters. In short, AIS enables hiring teams to score more interview responses faster with much less bias.

Automated Interview Creator (AIC) makes it easy for hiring teams to identify the ideal questions for interviews using an AI-driven search engine integrated with a robust library of questions directly linked to job requirements. Modern Hire’s (now part of HireVue) I-O team developed the library using insights from hundreds of Modern Hire (now part of HireVue) validation studies over decades and across numerous industries and jobs. With AIC, hiring teams have confidence that they are asking the interview questions that will lead to the best hiring outcomes.

Commitment to Ethical AI in Hiring

All of Modern Hire’s (now part of HireVue) recent advances with AI have been developed within the framework of our commitment to ethical AI in hiring. Our focus has always been and always will be to develop beneficial AI and deploy it in a safe, ethical, and humane manner for organizations and for individuals. To that end, we developed six core principles for ethical AI and algorithms that are rigorously followed as we evolve our platform and assessments. These principles establish a sound footing for industry practice that is grounded in our research and decades of experience in measuring human performance. We believe that for AI to be truly transformative, its development and deployment must be guided by a deep understanding of its impact on people.

Our thanks go to Business Intelligence Group for recognizing our team’s achievement in advancing AI that has a positive impact on candidates, hiring teams, organizations and people.

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