Open letter to customers and partners from HireVue’s new CEO

February 1st, 2022
Anthony A. Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer

Hi there,

I’m excited to be writing to you on my first day as CEO of HireVue. As you read my note, someone is starting a video interview powered by HireVue, and by the end of my first week, a person in every country will use HireVue in some capacity to find their next job. As a Canadian living in California who has had the opportunity to work and travel around the globe, I’m thrilled by this type of global reach. I am looking forward to meeting with our customers and partners around the world and learning how they use HireVue to find their best talent.

As we begin this journey together, I want to start by thanking Kevin Parker for the work he has done as HireVue’s CEO for the past 5 years. Kevin is retiring but will remain with HireVue as an executive advisor and someone I will lean on as I transition into my new role. This part of the transition delights me to no end, because although I bring over 20 years of my own leadership experience in enterprise software, I’m a collaborative guy who believes that you only get to the next horizon by listening to the people who got you this far.

In addition to this more personal open letter, HireVue has shared a press release with all of the details of our CEO transition and I hope you’ll read that after you’ve finished here.

Now let’s dig in on why I am so excited to work together.

I wish I was writing in a post-pandemic world, far from the idea of “unprecedented times,” but here we are again, canceling trips, questioning return to office decisions and making the best of a constantly changing situation.

I mention this because I want you to know that I am keenly aware of the challenges business leaders are facing. Getting the right people in the right positions in a timely manner is stressing businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Now more than ever, your business needs partners and solutions in lieu of point products. You need stability where you can find it and I want to assure you that HireVue will continue to be a secure anchor in otherwise fluctuating decision matrices.

Hiring the best people is the first mandate all business leaders must achieve and we are excited to help you do that equitably and at scale. It was HireVue’s purpose-driven approach on top of the innovative platform and accompanying roadmap that cemented my decision to come here. By prioritizing fairness in what is a historically unfair process, we will continue to work together with our world-class customers and partners to design more resilient hiring processes that stand up to any challenges that crop up as the world evolves.

The decision to come here was an easy one once I met with the team to better understand the growing market opportunity, the problems we solve with our partners, and the fantastic slate of customers we serve. I left every meeting in awe of the creativity, foresight and attention to detail from the team. Every conversation included calls back to the mission and was conducted as though customers were sitting at the table - something many companies claim to do, but fail to deliver.

Our promise to you is that in the next year we will enhance the experiences you rely on to find and keep talent. We will continue to strengthen our video interviewing and pre-hire assessments, and we’re prioritizing investments in our conversational artificial intelligence capabilities so that you can keep hiring 24/7 with our chatbot and text messaging platform. The “Great Resignation” has made it clear that no communication channel should be left unexplored with today’s challenging and competitive labor market.

You have already changed the world of talent management for the better by choosing to work with us, and I promise that we will continue to treat workforce planning for your teams with the same care as though we’re hiring for our own.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to read a few brief thoughts - I look forward to more personal meetings with many of you in the coming weeks and months.

I trust that you, your families, teams and communities are staying safe.

Best Regards,

Anthony A. Reynolds Chief Executive Officer