Predictive Analytics Powered by Machine Learning is Here for HR.

August 18th, 2016
Erica Hill

This week we are taking a look back at an oldie but goodie from Fast Company that quantifies a bad candidate experience with revenue loss numbers. HireVue was featured in the WSJ this week, introducing the broad business audience to the power of digital recruiting. We take a look at how to deliver feedback to leadership, and some trending topics in HR - deep machine learning, assessments and predictive screening and analytics.

Buzzfeed for Assessments? 

This article is drawing attention to a female-led startup Pymetrics. The offering is gamifying assessments for candidates, helping them figure out their strengths and passions with neuroscience.   With a focus on both the candidate and companies looking to hire, it’s an interesting way to improve candidate experience and potentially increase retention because successful candidates are a good fit for their roles.  Read more here about their recent funding from Fortune's Valentina Zarya.

Why Robo-Recruiting Isn't What it Sounds Like

Candidates that have an opportunity to take a digital interview as a part of the hiring process are 50% more likely to get the job than those who don’t have the opportunity to introduce themselves and demonstrate their skills beyond the resume.  A digital interview is a quick assessment that gives candidates a fair shot and allows recruiters and hiring managers to spend time with the best fit candidates for live interviews.   This week, HireVue was featured in the WSJ. The term robo-recruiting in the subhead will turn some people off, but a little more education on the topic can quickly turn that around.  Using technology enables scale, and gives more candidates a chance, rather than being screened out because of unconscious bias on things like university attended, GPA, and sheer volume of resumes to review. May we suggest 'digital recruiting' as an alternative to 'robo-recruiting' from here on out?

Being Lame Will Cost You

Treating candidates with as much care and respect as your customers is a topic we care deeply about at HireVue.  Companies spend a great deal of time engineering customer experience, and those principles can and should be applied to candidates.  Not just because it’s the right thing to do to bring the best talent in to your organization, which it is.  But also because a bad candidate experience can hurt your employment brand, and ultimately revenue.  This article from J.T. O'Donnell for Fast Company takes a look at some hard numbers. Although it’s from a few months ago, we keep coming back to it, it's that good.

Trending terms you should know: Deep Learning and Machine Learning

This article is from Ben Taylor, Chief Data Scientist at HireVue.  In it, he unpacks the concepts of Deep Learning and machine learning. While it is a tad technical, research is proving bias exists in many areas, not just hiring, and ways that it can be combatted with neural networks and algorithms.

Tips for Effective Leadership Feedback

Forbes Human Resources Council asked HR Leaders for their top tips in delivering feedback to leadership.  All teams need feedback and coaching to reach top performance- including key leaders. Feedback and coaching should be specific, actionable and thoughtful.  Here are some specific tips from a Q&A with Angela Nguyen, Ben Martinez, Heather Neisen, Kelsey Martin, and Ryan Harris.   If there is an article that you passed on to your team this week, tell us about it in the comments.