SIOP: discussing AI transparency from assessment providers

May 30th, 2023
Maria Bane, Senior IO Psychology Consultant
Artificial Intelligence,

Beyond Validity: Navigating AI Talent Intelligence. What do organizations really need from an AI assessment provider?   

At the annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology conference, a yearly summit of IO psychologists, talent professionals and Data Scientists coming together to share and learn about the latest research in the field, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion with some of our clients and HireVue’s Chief Data Scientist, Lindsey Zuloaga

The session focused on what organizations are looking for in an AI assessment solution provider at a time when the regulatory landscape promises to drastically shape the future, and an expectation of a provider’s quality of technology, experience and validity evidence are now the standard prices of admission. 

One of the most salient themes of the session centered around the ethical use of artificial intelligence and algorithmic transparency. It not only echoed in our session but was a theme that resounded across many standing-room only SIOP sessions this year.   

This intense interest is due to the patchwork of new regulations around the requirements that bias audits be conducted on any automated employment decision tools (AEDTs) used to screen a candidate in a selection process. According to the NYC law, the “AI Law makes it an unlawful employment practice for employers to use automated employment decision tools (AEDTs) to screen a candidate or employee within New York City unless certain bias audit and notice requirements are met.” Subsequent regulations are being written across states and the Whitehouse, DOJ and the EEOC have all provided new guidance with the use of this technology. And this is just the beginning.

Here are the top takeaways on what organizations are looking for in an AI assessment provider:

Ethical AI and algorithmic transparency

Organizations want a partner that can stay ahead of the rapidly changing regulations around AI and be a trusted advisor with the expertise and confidence that their algorithms are being used and designed in the most transparent and ethical manner.  

  • HireVue was the first HR technology company to create an Expert Advisory Board to guide continued ethical AI development.
  • HireVue published the first of its kind in HR tech an AI Explainability Statement outlining how our artificial intelligence works, including how, when, and why we use this technology.
  • HireVue has helped shape the legislation with guidance and expert testimony and has gotten ahead of the compliance requirements by engaging DCI Consulting Group to audit our algorithms prior to enforcement of the NYC law leading the industry in fair and ethical hiring practices.

Data privacy and security

With these new bias audit requirements, organizations may need to ask additional demographic questions of candidates so stricter levels of data privacy and security are warranted.  

  • In 2019, HireVue was the first and only video interviewing platform to obtain the coveted FedRaMP authorization, (along with SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001) meeting the highest level of security for cloud services, taking data protections to the level of national security. 

Fairness for candidates

Organizations want to ensure the use of AI algorithms are fair to their candidates and want a partner that understands what the impact of their technology and assessment solutions is on protected groups. 

  • Since 2021, (before the regulatory landscape was unfolding) HireVue has conducted a series of audits that has affirmed the scientific foundation of HireVue assessments
  • Since 2015, HireVue has pioneered the ethical use of AI in hiring through IO Psychology best practices and has established strict internal auditing standards.

Organizational readiness

From a more practical perspective, organizations want a partner that listens to their specific needs and offers solutions that fit their individual challenges and use cases and not recommend a one size fits all approach. 

  •  HireVue, being an end-to-end talent experience platform offers not just AI-powered assessments, but conversational AI, video interviewing, scheduling, text recruiting and Interview Builder. By listening to organizations we tailor our recommended solutions to fit unique needs and pain points. 
  • With the most recent acquisition of Modern Hire, HireVue is transforming the global talent experience, with the addition of a broader product portfolio and the deepest IO expertise in the industry, further garnering the expertise in the market. 

For additional criteria on what to look for in a vendor see the AI Assessment Vendor Vetting Checklist.