Technical Recruiting for Newbs

October 23rd, 2014
HireVue Team
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The recruiting process requires different techniques for different industries — that is especially true for technical recruiting. Both employers and employees in this field have a very different set of standards that recruiters must live up to. The process can be challenging for those new to technical recruiting, but industry veterans have some advice that will pave the way for your success.

Recruiters Must Prove Themselves

Unless you work for a well-known tech company or recruiting firm, you are going to have to prove yourself. Highly skilled employees may not respond if they don’t recognize your name or your firm's name. Building your brand requires more than just forging relationships with candidates. It requires building your company’s reputation as well by improving their website or other publicly facing resources.

Social Networking Opens Doors

While stalking candidates won’t win you any placements, following candidates on social media can work in your favor. Choose one of their social media accounts, such as Twitter, and follow them. Respond to some, not all, of their tweets to get your name on their radar. Eventually, when you have a perfect job opening, you are already acquainted with the candidate.

H-1B Visa Workers

While international workers who hold work visas are often highly qualified, they are not always the best fit for a job. These candidates, often lack advanced communication skills that U.S. employers are looking for. Placing these candidates requires a careful examination of their soft skills, as well as their technical talents.

Technical Employees Are in Demand

Another challenge to overcome in IT recruiting and software placement is egos. Highly trained individuals know that they are in demand and have multiple recruiters contacting them. Only recruiters who stand out or prove their worth can compete for these high dollar workers.

Don’t Hide the Perks

Tech employees are accustomed to a higher level of perks than employees in other industries. Recruiters can improve their success rate by advertising these perks in prominent places. For example, if the position allows telecommuting, place that phrase in the job title to garner better responses from qualified workers.

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