Predict Your Next Hire with HireVue

July 23rd, 2014
Mark Newman
Metrics & Analytics

THE INCREDIBLE FIT (PREDICTING YOUR NEXT HIRE WITH HIREVUE) Dear World, When we first started HireVue, the idea of having job candidates interview via webcam was ahem…foreign at best. Frankly people thought we were crazy. We sold two (2) interviews our first year. Today at HireVue, we capture millions of responses to interview questions for the largest companies in the world all of whom have converted and joined the talent interaction religion. It’s a lot of fun. However…the mission has not been accomplished. Our mission at HireVue is to enable all people to tell their story and demonstrate their ability to work. People are not clock punchers, profiles, or numbers. People are personalities, ideas, passions, and voices and it is on us to make a potentially life changing experience (a job interview) an incredible one for everyone – candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and organizations alike. With this as a backdrop, today marks a new beginning on the journey to power the world’s interviews, re-imagining the interview and delivering the incredible. About a year ago we started work on HireVue Iris™ with the grand vision of not just telling you about what’s going on in your interview process (standard reports and analytics) but to TAKE YOU INTO THE INTERVIEW. Our hypothesis was that leveraging our data platform we could get to the good stuff – the essence of a human being, understanding how a decision is made, and to figure out an organization’s top talent identification DNA and capabilities, all while enabling massive scaling of interviewing and interaction across the millions of candidates companies connect with each year. As we dove into the interview we uncovered over 15,000 different attributes that could be analyzed by our patented deep learning engine. As an example, imagine if you could understand across your candidate pools levels of motivation, sentiment, engagement, passion and personality from an interview. We decided that in a perfect world every candidate is heard, they have a terrific experience and they are only reviewed by the very best identifiers of talent inside an organization (all of whom have been evaluated, ranked and analyzed around how they make decisions and the outcomes of their decisions in a digital way). In addition–conversations–not keywords should be searchable in a contextually relevant way to an organization. Enter HireVue Insights™. HireVue Insights™ ties together the interview, the candidates' responses, the reviewers’ evaluation feedback and performance outcome data pre and post hire to deliver the world’s first top performer recommendation engine and predictive analytics around who you should hire in your organization and who are your greatest identifiers of talent for your organization. Now any organization can uncover who truly are the best fit for a role and build teams not with a 50% success rate on hiring but 90%, or more. To be totally candid no words can describe what the team has built and I’m forever in their debt for the continued level of extreme innovation we are delivering. We like to say internally – you think you learn something from 30KB (kilobytes) of resume data and text…imagine what you learn from 1 GB (gigabyte) of interview data! And the team continues to amaze me with what you can learn. HireVue Insights™ was built solely to solve problems that we’ve heard for the past 10 years in the talent community. Companies consistently have had retention issues, screening issues, and sourcing issues. Candidates have an awful experience. We believe we’ve developed a solution. Customers like Chipotle Mexican Grill and others have already seen big improvement within their processes and experiences leveraging HireVue Insights™. Making sure we have the right people on our team is key to our success and we are always looking for tools to help us prioritize our time with the best fit candidates,” said JD Cummings, National Recruiting Consultant at Chipotle Mexican Grill. “We are excited to be working with HireVue to help enable more informed, data-driven hiring decisions. We are optimistic that HireVue Insights will help our recruiters and hiring managers to respond quickly to top candidates and has the potential to further reduce our time to hire.” Not to mention they recently were recognized by our users at HireVue Digital Disruption for “Best Candidate Experience” We think the era of the profile, the resume, scribbled notes and pats on the back being used to make talent decisions has to be over and we have spent the last year working on bringing about its imminent demise. This is just chapter one of HireVue Iris™ and there’s more to come for all of our HireVue Insights™ users and the talent community as a whole. The next generation of great, enduring, valuable companies won’t be built by simply scaling talent transactions but by scaling talent interactions and having top talent identification part of your DNA. Hundreds of leading companies have committed to change and to making interviewing and talent interaction awesome for candidates. We believe that HireVue Insights™ drives our shared mission forward. Thank you for being part of the journey. Keep rockin’ Mark Newman Founder & CEO