Uncover Top Graduates With HireVue's New Graduate Assessments [Webinar Recap]

April 10th, 2019
Jon-Mark Sabel
Artificial Intelligence,

Graduate recruiting is competitive and high stakes. A successful recruiting season supplies a pipeline of eager, future leaders, and long-term brand advocates. Yet no other type of recruiting relies on as little information when making screening decisions.

In our recent webinar, Uncover Top Graduates with HireVue’s New Graduate Assessments, we explored how TA leaders can fill the “information gap” when looking at early professional talent, and uncover the best grads for their organizations.

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Graduate Recruiting: The Information Gap

Aside from internship experience, there’s very little data for campus recruiters and hiring managers to rely on. Common criteria like GPA, major, extracurricular activities, and what school a student attended have very little bearing on their success in the workplace.

In fact, when the HireVue Data Science team crunched performance data against a range of potential screening criteria, they found that the domain of a candidate’s email address actually had more relevance to their eventual performance than their GPA.

Common screening criteria isn’t the only mismatch in graduate recruiting. Consider this data from NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers:

  • 87% of graduates plan to get a job in the field they majored in
  • 27% of graduates end up working in the field they majored in

And from McGraw Hill:

  • 77% of students feel confident in their professionalism and work ethic
  • 43% of employers feel recent grads are proficient in professionalism and work ethic

All in all, employers feel the most important competencies for their graduate hires to have are (in order of importance):

  1. Critical thinking & problem solving;
  2. Teamwork & collaboration;
  3. Professionalism & work ethic; and
  4. Oral & written communications.

Unfortunately, typical recruiting processes don’t give insight into these critical competencies. Or if they do, they don’t give that insight on large scale. Recruiting teams are left to choose which colleges to visit, and which to skip.

The HireVue Graduate Assessment Solution

Organizations have used HireVue OnDemand Video Interviews to see more students from more schools for years. HireVue’s Graduate Assessments take that philosophy a step further, providing validated, scientific insight into the competencies that employers care about most.

HireVue Graduate ProcessWhat a HireVue Graduate Assessment looks like.

HireVue graduates combine two innovate new assessment formats: video-based assessments and game-based assessments. After responding to a series of 6 recorded interview questions, graduates complete 2-3 short games.

Candidates’ performance in both formats is evaluated with AI, and delivers insight into the following competencies:

HireVue Graduate CompetenciesThe competencies HireVue's Graduate Assessments evaluate.

It’s no coincidence that these competencies mirror those identified by NACE as critical for early professional employees. And like all HireVue Assessments, Graduate Assessments are fully audited for adverse impact. Campus recruiting teams can cast a wider net, get insight into critical job-related competencies, deliver a more equitable experience to their candidates, and uncover great talent, regardless of background.

Recruiting teams are empowered to look beyond typical criteria like academic pedigree and GPA, and uncover top graduates.

Learn how HireVue Graduate Assessments were built to identify these competencies, and how they are fully audited for adverse impact: watch the webinar.

We also covered the following questions in today’s webinar:

  • What does the ideal process look like after a recruiter has received assessment results?
  • Would you consider the games you mentioned as part of the candidate process in HireVue to be a cognitive test? If so, do you worry about the adverse impact that has been associated with typical cognitive tests?
  • Can you speak a bit more to the candidate experience? What is feedback from candidates?
  • What is the feedback from recruiters?
Hear the answers to these questions, and more, in the full webinar.

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