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Resumes are poor indicator of sales potential, passion and personality

Dedicated to building a team of future all-star sales leaders for the sporting industry, the Red Sox created its Sales Academy, a three-year program for budding sales reps who are hungry to build an incredible career with a legacy team. “Because these hires are generally entry-level, we look for hungry, go-getters who have sales potential and great personalities, communications skills, and attitudes. Resumes had zero insight into these qualities, which made it hard to determine the best of the best,” says William Droste, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Premium Packages. To solve this problem and to better understand the sales attributes that were important to building a great sales team for the Red Sox Sales Academy, Droste turned to HireVue’s OnDemand video interviewing software.

“We’re looking for the best of the best to fill Sales Academy roles. We want them to become the future sales executives of our franchise.”

Vice President of Ticket Sales and Premium Packages

Red Sox builds sales academy 75% faster with HireVue

“With HireVue, we were able to build our Sales Academy team in less than three weeks; without HireVue, this would have taken at least eight weeks. HireVue has enabled our sales leaders to make more informed hiring decisions, faster, dramatically increasing the speed at which we build this team. This means my team is spending more time selling rather than wasting time in the hiring process,” says Droste.

Not only did the Sales Academy increase their speed, but they increased their promotion rates as well. With their traditional approach to hiring, the Sales Academy would typically see about ¼ of the Sales Academy class being promoted into full time jobs. After implementing HireVue they saw that number increase to ⅓ of the class – a 30% increase in promotion rates.

“With HireVue, we’ve been able to keep a solid pipeline of qualified sales talent at our fingertips. You don’t start from square one, which has been a huge advantage to our sales leaders as we look to build an incredible team quickly.”

Vice President of Ticket Sales and Premium Packages

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