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Paper-based recruiting process, inconsistent interviewing quality and manual phone screens and written notes made recruiting hard to systematize and did not reflect desired brand image as a true digital company.

Maxis is Malaysia’s leading communications service provider, and the first telco to launch LTE service in Malaysia. Their 3,000 employees are dedicated to shaping a better, more connected future for their customers. As Maxis continued to bring high-speed internet connectivity to Malaysia, they found their recruiting methods did not reflect their dedication to leading-edge digital technology.

“Our goal is to transform from an excellent traditional telco into a truly digital company. The experiences we give our candidates – unique, memorable, and digital – need to align with those values.”

Head of Recruitment for Maxis

Embracing video for a unique candidate experience

Maxis turned to HireVue’s video interviewing technology to help reinforce Maxis’s innovative employer brand and drive efficiencies through the recruiting process. Maxis has deployed HireVue for nearly 95% of its hiring needs, throughout all job families within their organization, including senior C-level roles. Retail, customer care, contact center as well as scholarship and management trainee program applicants all take an OnDemand video interview and record their responses to job-relevant and skill-based questions. With videos like “10 Tips to Prepare For Your Video Interview” and recruiter introductions preceding the OnDemand, candidates enter the interview experience prepared. The interview questions themselves are video questions, recorded by Maxis recruiters. The result is a high-touch, personal, candidate-friendly experience that also works to ascertain their digital savvy. Live video interviews have become faster and more effective.

“We’ve developed an impressive candidate experience through HireVue that is unique and engaging and easily allows us to filter and select the right candidates that fit the future of Maxis.”

Head of Recruitment for Maxis

Finding higher quality candidates in less time

Prior to HireVue, the average time to arrange for a face-to-face interview was at least two weeks. Now that number is down to six days on average. Maxis is also seeing an interview to hire percentage of over 60%. Maxis is able to obtain such high closure ratio because they know who the best candidates are before they bring them in for face-to-face interview – they don’t need to guess. The time savings and efficiencies are also attributed to the robust integration between HireVue and their applicant tracking system, Workday. Now recruiting efforts aren’t halted by scheduling conflicts or recruiter and hiring managers’ vacations. With the process continually moving forward, Maxis has seen fewer candidates drop out of the process, enabling them to secure the best talent faster. It has also brought the benefits of a more disciplined and brand- and values-driven interviewing approach amongst the hiring managers too.


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