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Recruitment Automation powered
by conversational-AI

  • Engage 4x more candidates 5x faster
  • Send personalized SMS text campaigns to engage and re-engage candidates in seconds
  • Privacy protection and peace of mind for HR, IT, and legal teams
  • Chat-powered ATS workflow automation
  • Dedicated support
  • Analytics and reports

Engage Applicants Faster, Hire Faster

Companies that hire the fastest win the race for talent. HireVue’s conversational AI hiring assistant ensures you don’t lose a single qualified candidate to the dreaded applicant and email blackholes. We’ll keep your candidates engaged with text-based prescreening and scheduling while also automating your ATS workflows. No more calendar Tetris, chasing candidates, or manual ATS updates. Post. Interview. Hire. It’s that simple.


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Using chat and text to improve high-volume hiring efficiency

Maggiano’s needed an innovative way to combat challenges around talent attraction to have a steadier stream of candidates throughout the year.


Within a few weeks, Maggiano’s deployed its conversational AI candidate engagement solution and started capturing and engaging potential candidates across mobile and web.


By prescreening and scheduling candidates through quick, seamless conversations with virtually zero involvement from the Maggiano’s team, the chatbot has become a powerful tool that solves for restaurant managers’ never-ending hiring needs while empowering the corporate recruiting team to focus less on administrative tasks and more on value-add activities.

Review Background
“[Our chatbot] closed 66% of open requisitions in 2 weeks and has created an amazing experience for our restaurant. All our applicants first talk with [the bot], and if qualified, are directly scheduled with the restaurant.”
Brooke Burgiel, Senior Director of Human Resources, Maggiano’s Little Italy