Turn a Microsoft Teams meeting experience into a HireVue interview

Microsoft teams laptop

Hire collaboratively

Recruiting and hiring team members can fill job roles within the Microsoft Teams more swiftly

Promote inclusion

Structured and efficient interview process seamlessly integrate into a hiring teams’ flow of work

Find the right candidate

Efficient interview processes and real-time candidate feedback for the best fit candidate

Work smarter

Support the critical task of recruiting in the place where work already gets done for hiring teams

Structured interviews with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams users swiftly fill job roles with the best candidates without leaving Microsoft Teams

Built-in questions

Predefined interview questions are automatically added into Microsoft Teams Meeting request

Real-time candidate rating

Per-question rating of candidate responses for each hiring team member

Rapid feedback

Ability to capture notes during the interview for greater insight

Quick hiring decisions

Candidate final recommendation (yes/no) for each hiring team member to facilitate quick hiring decisions

hirevue interviews for microsoft teams structured screenshot