Global hiring survey reveals renewed focus on DE&I and hiring innovation

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One Third of Hiring Managers see Improving DE&I as their Top Priority

Digital-First Recruitment will lead the Post-Pandemic Hiring Evolution

SALT LAKE CITY, March 25, 2021 — HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, chatbot and recruiting automation technology, today announced the findings of its inaugural global survey, that shows how recruiters are relying on technology to prioritize rebuilding a more equal and inclusive workforce, one year into the pandemic.

The survey asked more than 1,000 hiring leaders across industries including finance, retail, construction, manufacturing, how they feel about the role of technology in hiring, the impact of COVID-19, and their efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

“The pandemic has created a unique opportunity for employers to redesign their hiring processes – leveraging technology that complements the capability of employees at a speed and scale not otherwise possible,” said Kevin Parker, Chairman & CEO at HireVue. “As the economy rebounds, our data shows recruiters increasingly looking to virtual hiring to widen access to candidates they may not have had access to in the past,” “Employers are looking ahead to  a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild a diverse and inclusive workforce, and will need to rely on technology to hire at scale.”

The State of Hiring During a Pandemic

Hiring leaders from all over the world answered specific questions about the ways in which their experiences have changed over the past year. Increased on-the-job stress levels was the highest ranked.  While 54% of all those surveyed cited the stress of their jobs having increased since the start of the pandemic, this number rose to 59% of women compared to 49% of men.

When asked about the biggest challenges they’re currently facing, 40% of respondents named a lack of qualified candidates as the biggest barrier to finding top talent, followed by longer lead times that result in decreased candidate availability (25%), and difficulty managing job postings (14%).

Despite these challenges, organizations are looking to prioritize ways to make the transition back into the workplace  as seamless as possible so as not to overlook talent. 52% of recruiters surveyed say video interviewing has improved their access to candidates and reduced lead times while offering candidates a significantly improved interview experience and provides greater flexibility all around.

With on-demand solutions job candidates are no longer tied to scheduling interviews in between regular business hours – virtual and on-demand interviewing opening  the door for candidates to interview at times most convenient for them, including evenings and weekends. Chat and text are also making hiring more accessible with jobseekers without email or access to PCs able to apply for and schedule interviews on their phones and mobile devices.

Removing Geographical Barriers; Expanding Talent Pools

HireVue found that one-third of hiring managers see improving D&I as their number one priority for the year. Many view 2021 as a year of action and are taking a close look at how they source and recruit talent in order to make a tangible impact. In turn, technology and remote work are lending themselves to holding business leaders more accountable to D&I goals. As a result:

  • Location no longer matters: 48% of recruiters say they’ve been able to expand the geographical search area for potential recruits and 47% say they are seeking to fill remote roles.
  • Candidate pool has widened: 55% say they are expanding their recruiting networks by partnering with organizations that connect underrepresented professionals with internships and jobs, and 53% say they are recruiting from universities with diverse student bodies, such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Global Pandemic Opens Door for Digital-First Recruitment, Overhaul of Hiring Process 

Hiring Leaders are prioritizing a digital-first model even after the pandemic ends and the likely shift to hybrid-remote working – with virtual hiring set to remain a significant element in the recruitment process. HireVue’s report found that:

  • Over half (54%) say virtual interviewing has accelerated the recruitment process, with 41% reporting virtual interviewing has helped them identify the best candidates.
  • Over half (51%) of hiring managers say the biggest change they would like to see in the hiring process is to spend less time on scheduling and more time on candidate engagement and personalized interactions.

The adoption of recruiting automation technology continues to skyrocket as hiring teams to look for ways to transform the interview process. In fact, HireVue has seen a significant surge in the use of its solutions – recently completing its 20 millionth virtual interview, interviewing more than 5 million candidates in 2020. As rehiring takes off, technology will play a key role in reducing the administrative tasks recruiters often face so that they can focus on high-impact, personalized engagement with candidates to stand out amid the war for talent.

Access the full report here.

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