HireVue customers conduct over 1 million video interviews in just 30 days

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HireVue customers adopt on demand solutions to create a 24/7 hiring experience that meets global hiring demands 

SALT LAKE CITY, October 19, 2021 — HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, and text enabled recruiting tools, saw a remarkable hiring sprint in September with over 1 million video interviews taking place in just 30 days. Year-to-date a 40% increase in customer interview volume demonstrates the growing adoption of tools that automate and structure hiring in order to find talent in a rebounding global economy. 

In a challenging employment market, today’s recruiting teams need tools for always-on engagement and expanded access for job candidates. HireVue’s world-class customers are fueling their future growth and filling their open positions by using 24/7 candidate communications in the form of chatbots and messaging, coupled with on-demand interviews. By improving flexibility with around the clock availability and leveraging the engagement and responsiveness of chat-based communications, hiring teams can reach more candidates and fill roles faster than ever.

“Completing over a million candidate interviews for our customers in 30 days is remarkable, and that trend is accelerating as we enter the important holiday hiring season,” said Kevin Parker, Chairman and CEO of HireVue. “It’s inspiring to see how agile our customers are – utilizing HireVue to constantly innovate by rapidly evolving their hiring processes, using the power of structured interviews to improve fairness and creating candidate-centric experiences that increase engagement and speed up time to hire for hundreds of thousands of hourly and corporate workers every week.” 

HireVue’s customers are quickly identifying, engaging and hiring candidates every hour of the day, despite a hiring environment that is in near-constant flux. On average, the company is delivering more than 30,000 interviews per day and 60,000 candidate interactions via text. Digging deeper into the astonishing September surge shows how:

  • Nearly half of the 1 million interviews were completed at night or on the weekend when candidates were most available 
  • By leaning into automation with the HireVue Hiring Assistant, companies are accelerating hiring by allowing tens of thousands of candidates to self-schedule job interviews. 

To learn more about HireVue’s customers and their innovations, visit here: https://hir.vu/34LO7Wk

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HireVue is where hiring happens – transforming the way organizations discover, engage, and hire the best talent. Connecting companies and candidates anytime, anywhere, HireVue’s industry-leading end-to-end hiring platform features video interviewing, assessments and conversational AI. HireVue has hosted more than 24 million video interviews and 150M chat-based candidate engagements for over 700 pioneering customers around the globe.

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