HireVue Partners with Integrate Advisors to Improve Hiring Outcomes for Autistic Job Seekers

SALT LAKE CITY, September 19, 2019 – HireVue, provider of the most comprehensive AI-driven talent assessment and video interviewing suite, today announced a partnership with Integrate Autism Employment Advisors (Integrate), a nonprofit organization that specializes in helping hiring companies identify, recruit and retain qualified professionals on the autism spectrum. Integrate has launched its first deployment of the HireVue Assessments technology, which employs decades of research from the field of organizational psychology to focus assessments solely on factors that accurately predict performance and potential for success in a job, regardless of neurodiversity status.

“HireVue is extremely pleased to work with Integrate as they help corporations hire highly creative, neurodiverse candidates,” said Loren Larsen, Chief Technology Officer at HireVue. “We’ve had a mission to help more candidates break through the barriers of the hiring process since 2004. By helping companies focus only on the skills and competencies that measurably contribute to success in a job role, we’ll continue to open the doors of opportunity for even more talented candidates.”

Integrate’s mission is to increase inclusive, competitive employment opportunities for college graduates with autism. They have worked with major motion picture production companies, investment banks and more to implement autism hiring programs.

HireVue has partnered with Integrate to:

  • Evaluate and coach over time the more than 600 autistic candidates in their network to allow Integrate to recruit more efficiently and effectively, as well as to expose their autistic candidates to HireVue’s video interviewing and pre-hire assessments platform
  • Advise HireVue on continuing development of solutions that better serve HireVue’s clients when recruiting talent on the spectrum

“Our goal is to create a level playing field for autistic jobseekers. HireVue’s commitment to ensuring their platform is unbiased for individuals with a neurodiverse profile is an encouraging move in this direction,” says Marcia Scheiner, President at Integrate.

Next week, Marcia Scheiner, President and Founder of Integrate, and Tracy Powell-Rudy, Director of Corporate Engagement will present a session entitled, “Professionals with Autism: Talented and Untapped – How To Hire them Now!” at HireVue Horizon, the company’s annual recruitment conference in Coronado, California. You can learn more about Integrate on their website at integrateadvisors.org or follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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