HireVue showcases the path to the future for public sector hiring at emerging technology and innovation conference

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HireVue combines FedRAMP authorization and AI explainability for faster, fairer public sector hiring

SALT LAKE CITY, May 23, 2022 — HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, and text-enabled recruiting tools is attending ACT-IAC’s Emerging Technology and Innovation Conference to showcase how public sector agencies can leverage AI-driven solutions to compete with commercial employers in the race for top talent.

Since becoming the first and only FedRAMP Authorized video interviewing and assessment platform in 2019, HireVue has helped federal civilian, state, and local government customers achieve their workforce transformation goals in the face of the COVID-19 crisis and the Great Resignation.

“By prioritizing privacy, security, and ethical AI to significantly improve the hiring process, public sector agencies can find the most qualified and diverse talent, despite some of the most difficult hiring challenges in recent memory,” said Anthony Reynolds, CEO of HireVue. “We’ve seen firsthand how 8 of the 10 largest US federal agencies have benefited from implementing commercial best practices in their workflows, and we know that the path to the future of better hiring is clearer when government agencies are in sync with the private sector.”

By combining the unique values and strict security standards required of government agencies with commercial best practices, HireVue ensures that its public sector customers are at the forefront of using ethical AI in hiring. The company recently released the HR industry’s first AI Explainability statement in its latest proactive step to ensure that its technology is at the forefront of emerging best practices in the use of HR hiring technologies. Together with previously commissioned independent audits and FedRAMP certification, HireVue customers also know that their candidate’s personal data is being protected by the world’s highest standards.

Join HireVue’s VP of Public Sector, Joe Paiva in booth #107 from May 22-24th to learn more about the future of hiring for the public sector.

For more information on HireVue’s public sector solutions visit here: https://www.hirevue.com/solutions/government-recruiting-software

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