HireVue significantly reduces federal government hiring costs

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HireVue shares expedited SME-QA hiring workflow & custom assessments for cybersecurity roles 

Join HireVue at ACT-IAC Imagine Nation ELC in Hershey, Pennsylvania

SALT LAKE CITY, October 21, 2022 — HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, and text-enabled recruiting tools is attending ACT-IAC’s Imagine Nation ELC, October 23 – 25th in Hershey, Pennsylvania. HireVue will showcase to government leaders and technologists how the platform can enhance and scale processes like the Subject Matter Expert Quality Assurance (SME-QA) process and support the NICE framework for cybersecurity hiring while significantly reducing job analysis costs and slashing time-to-hire.

Designed to make hiring fast, fair, and secure, SME-QA powered by HireVue automates what can be automated so recruiters can spend more time on the strategic parts of hiring. Combining subject matter expertise with best-in-class hiring tech can give federal agencies an edge over private sector competitors in a labor market plagued by talent shortages. 

“Driving the selection of better qualified and more diverse employees is at the heart of why SME-QA was created,” said retired federal executive and HireVue Advisory Board Member, Joe Paiva. “Leveraging technology to make SME-QA faster, fairer, and more efficient is the next natural progression to enable government agencies to compete with private industry for the best talent.”

Assessing cyber security skills using the NICE Framework powered by HireVue

With increasing threats from domestic and international actors, federal agencies have a mandate to bring their cybersecurity teams in-house. HireVue recently developed and delivered three custom pre-hire assessments for cybersecurity – assessments that fulfill the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education’s framework for cybersecurity (the NICE Framework). Built on a foundation of industrial-organizational psychology, the agency is now using HireVue’s innovative pre-hire assessments to find the best and brightest to safeguard the country’s data. 

These cutting-edge assessments provide an efficient, modern and FedRAMP authorized interview experience that can screen more cyber professionals without sacrificing proper vetting or creating a process too onerous for these sought after candidates. 

Join HireVue at ACT-IAC Imagine Nation ELC to learn more about SME-QA and cyber security hiring powered by the only FedRAMP authorized hiring experience vendor.  

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