HireVue's Agile Mindset Assessment Recognised as a Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive®

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August 29th 2023, SALT LAKE CITY —  HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, and text-enabled recruiting tools, is proud to announce that its groundbreaking Agile Mindset Assessment has been named as one of the Top HR Products of the Year by Human Resource Executive®. This prestigious award reflects HireVue’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of pre-hire assessments.

Nearly a year since its introduction, the Agile Mindset Assessment continues to make a transformative impact in the field of talent acquisition, offering a pioneering solution for companies searching for candidates known for their adaptability, dynamic thinking, and flexible work approaches. In an environment characterised by perpetual change and significant talent shortages, this assessment provides companies with a tool to identify individuals who thrive in dynamic settings.

HireVue’s Global Trends report identified that almost half (48%) of those surveyed are adopting a skills-first approach to talent acquisition, forgoing education requirements and past work experience. The Agile Mindset Assessment engages candidates with five interview-based video questions and three game-based challenges, providing employers with a deep and holistic understanding of a candidate’s agility. Importantly, it simplifies the candidate experience by merging the interview and assessment phases into a single, seamless step, minimising friction and increasing the likelihood of top candidates completing the process.

According to Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference Chair, “By creating a scientifically validated assessment not just for generic personality traits or specific technical ability, but rather for skills and potential of a candidate to thrive in multiple roles, HireVue’s Agility Mindset gives organizations a powerful tool to help them manage and align talent in a rapidly changing workplace. These capabilities will benefit any organization seeking not only to fill today’s open roles, but needing to identify talented individuals who can be successful in whatever changes the future may bring.”

“Our goal is to help organisations connect talent to opportunity – discovering untapped potential and cultivating a workforce capable of creatively assessing and resolving business challenges,” explained Anthony Reynolds, CEO at HireVue. “In today’s ever changing landscape, curiosity and adaptability take precedence, and our Agile Mindset Assessment serves as the tool to spot individuals who can excel in these aspects.”

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