HireVue’s Customer Excellence Awards given to top HR innovators in hiring

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Recognizing hiring innovations in diversity, candidate experience & process ROI

SALT LAKE CITY, September 30, 2021 — HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, and text enabled recruiting tools, announced its 2021 Customer Excellence Awards recipients. This year’s award recipients represent companies around the world in industries as varied as construction and mining, pharmaceuticals, communications, finance and food & beverage. Common among all of the winners is a shared commitment to creating a fairer, faster, and friendlier hiring experience for their applicants. 

“We’ve always believed that hiring innovation breeds business innovation, and it’s impossible to deny that the two are related when you see how the world-class brands who are using HireVue to find, recruit, and hire talented members for their award-winning brands” said Kevin Parker, Chairman and CEO of HireVue. “The number of award entries from around the world highlighting projects that have had true impact on both the business and their people, was inspiring.”

This year’s award categories and their respective winners are:

  • Diversity Star – Pfizer: By using video interviews and assessments, Pfizer is able to find top talent for its Breakthrough Fellowship Program – a nine-year commitment to increase minority representation and enhance its pipeline of diverse leaders. 
  • Impact Star – Alliance Data Systems: By switching to live video interviewing, the company estimates that they have saved 1.7 million dollars in travel costs for candidates in the United States.
  • Rising Star, Telstra: By implementing HireVue assessments, Telstra was able to successfully hire during COVID-19 lockdowns, including an application surge of more than 25,000 people in under two weeks.
  • Experience Star – Lion: By creating a human-centered virtual process with dynamic video content that showcases their culture, Lion has seen a significant  increase in  candidate satisfaction.
  • Shooting Star – BHP: By implementing HireVue, BHP has been able to improve candidate satisfaction and reduce recruiter time spent on administrative tasks – no small feat considering BHP has an application every 45 seconds.

      ‘‘We are thrilled and honored to receive the inaugural HireVue Diversity Star Award. Equity is one of Pfizer’s four values ensuring every person is seen, heard, and cared for,” said Jackie Goldschmidt, Global Director, Early Talent Pipeline Lead at Pfizer. “Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace is one of its top priorities. Our Breakthrough Fellowship Program is intended to give us the ability to attract and source diverse talent/candidates. This program is one of Pfizer’s bold moves to create a workplace by increasing diversity, minority representation and building a pipeline of diverse talent. As this program is a nine-year commitment designed to enhance our pipeline of diverse leaders, we needed an assessment partner to create a relevant measure for all applicants while minimizing bias through the use of AI technology & gamification.”

      To learn more about the award winners and hear their stories, visit here: HireVue Customer Excellence Awards

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