Actionable DEI: The complete guide to improving equity in hiring

When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), there’s often a disconnect between what business leaders want to see and what they feel able to execute.

Addressing systemic problems can feel daunting — and the task of finding a solution can feel paralyzing.

At HireVue, we believe that increasing DEI starts with dismantling biases in the hiring process, from end-to-end, one step at a time; and that doing so is one of the most powerful ways to create economic opportunities that result in a more equitable and just society.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve DEI by changing processes, instead of getting stuck trying to change people’s minds
  • Use technology in tandem with human decision making to offset human error
  • Empower recruiting teams to finding tech solutions that make DEI gains easier, faster, and more effective

DEI is about being more open in your sourcing, and being less discriminatory in your hiring. If you can accomplish both, you’ll improve DEI.

– Nathan Mondragon,Chief IO Psychologist at HireVue

Download now to learn how technology can amplify hiring power by combining AI & humanity for good.

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