Retail: Combating burnout and shifting skills

Retail hiring guide

Refocusing hiring to support changing demands and better communication

The retail industry has been rocked by the global pandemic. Unprecedented quit rates have hit the United States, with the industry facing 146,000 more retail resignations in March 2022 than in March 2021. Globally, EMEA and Australia have struggled to fill positions due to Brexit and reliance on foreign workers who returned home when COVID-19 hit.

Between shutdowns, permanent closures, poor communication, and shifting position demands retail employees are burned out and asking to be heard. Download our Retail Industry Brief and learn why HireVue, used by 4 of the top 5 leading retailers, is the top choice to come alongside workers and create a better experience. Learn how our technology helps you:

  • Fill jobs and shifts fast
  • Treat your candidates and employees like customers
  • Make your hiring fair and transparent 
  • Hire for tomorrow’s success