HireVue 2024 Global Trends Report

Global Trends Report 2024

The current state of hiring

Did you know 37% of talent leaders  are more focused on candidates’ future potential than their past experiences? Or that 50% are now targeting internal candidates in response to talent shortages? 

Today’s most successful workplaces are ones rooted in two things—skills-based hiring and AI. And those who want to stay ahead of the competition in what feels like an always changing landscape must lean into both to unlock the potential of their workforces.

The 2024 HireVue Global Trends Report unlocks the current state of hiring based on the survey results of 6,000 talent leaders from around the world. Download the report and learn how to:
Uncover the human potential in your workforce

  • Invest in a culture where employee well-being is front and center
  • Work side-by-side with technology to maximize success