Webinar | ChatGPT in hiring: Friend or foe?

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ChatGPT has already proven its ability to ace the bar and an MBA exam in less than three months – what does this mean for your interview and hiring process?

With today’s candidates applying for roles with ChatGPT-tailored resumes and CVs, hiring teams don’t have the data they need to identify the best-fit hires against AI-generated cover letters.

Eric Sydell, PhD and Rhabit Analytics CEO Kevin Kelly take a deep dive into ChatGPT’s true impact on candidate cheating, talent assessments and interviews, and hiring outcomes such as:

  • How – and to what extent – candidates could use ChatGPT in a typical interview process,
  • The reward and risks of leveraging AI in a modern, data-driven hiring process, and
  • What companies can do today to create an effective, future-focused hiring process with generative AI and beyond.

From pre-screening to answering common interview questions, Eric and Kevin put ChatGPT to the test to see if it could get hired.